Diego Stocco: Sound Designer

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Enjoy the first episode of Take 5 below, featuring composer/sound designer Diego Stocco. Expand to full screen for maximum viewing experience.

Take 5 with sound designer, Diego Stocco

About Diego: “There [are] people that understand numbers, or they understand words. I understand sounds,” says Diego Stocco.

As a composer/sound designer, Stocco uses cutting-edge techniques and unorthodox instruments to develop music and sound for film, television, trailers and video performances.

You can hear Stocco’s incredibly unique work in multiple formats– he was the music sound designer on films Into the Blue, Crank, and Takers; and TV shows The Tudors and Moonlight. Stocco has worked with pros like Academy Award® winning composer Hans Zimmer, and he is one of the featured soloists on the score of Guy Ritchie’s film Sherlock Holmes, and video game Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.

In the above video, FIDMDigitalArts.com follows Stocco through his unorthodox creative process. For example, by rubbing a bow on the trunk of a tree, or by drumming his fingertips on packed beach sand, Stocco creates authentic and unique soundtracks.

Whether you’re a seasoned creative professional or an aspiring designer, Stocco’s creative approach to sound design and music composition is truly inspirational.

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Take 5 featuring sound designer and composer, Diego Stocco.

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