Classroom Poster Project

Download Poster Project assets here! Complete your full advertising campaign to complement your poster design using the assets below. Use the quick links in the right-hand panel to return to the project overview page, browse the poster project gallery and submit your project.

Poster Project Examples

Poster-Project-Examples Above: Poster project examples by FIDM Grad Angel Beas (left), and FIDM’s Director of Graphic Design Steve Reaves (right).

Free Download: High Resolution Images

Just incase you can’t find any images online, we have gathered a great collection of high resolution images to use for your movie poster.  Click on each thumbnail to expand the image or download them all at once using the link below.

Click here to download high resolution images.

Free Download: Billing Block

Add this to your movie poster to give it a more realistic look and feel!

Movie Poster Billing Block

Click here to download the movie poster billing block seen above.

Free Download: Marketing Campaign Templates

Optionally, you can create a full advertising campaign to promote your movie. Adapt the imagery, typography, and design elements that you used to create your poster and apply these same elements to design a T-shirt, billboard, and bus stop display.

Student Spotlight

Shealyn Burdie – Buchanan High School


“I was excited and honored that FIDM published my video on there Digital Arts Blog Gallery page. Everyday I learn new tips on how to improve my editing and I feel confident that I can improve this and make it even better.”

View project and read more.

Kristen Baily – Yuma High School


“I’ve always adored the thrill of expressing your work for others to admire and this project fueled my passion for graphic designing even more. I feel as though FIDM has opened my eyes and helped me see that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

View project and read more.

Poster Project Quick Start Guide

Need some help? We’ve shared some of the basic elements of poster design and have included five easy steps to help you get started.

Video Project Quick Start Guide

Need some help? We’ve shared some of the basic elements of video editing and have included nine easy steps to help you get started.

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About This Presentation

A high school classroom presentation by FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

“Entertainment Marketing in the Digital Age” Summary: The entertainment marketing industry sets the bar for innovation, creativity, and visually compelling advertising campaigns in the digital age. Discover what it takes to develop entertainment promotional pieces in this presentation that explores the career of the Entertainment Graphic Designer and the Entertainment Digital Media Professional. This interactive presentation invites students to exercise their conceptual thinking skills while learning detailed film marketing methods and apply their knowledge to develop their own movie poster or movie trailer. This presentation has classroom handouts and support information.

Please contact the FIDM Speakers Bureau at 800-262-3436 to obtain handouts and support information. The handouts for your students may include preparatory and follow-up activities, a template, worksheets, quizzes, and vocabulary lists (where applicable). Support information includes state and national standards and a bibliography (where applicable).

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Image Sources: FIDM Graphic Design Student Work, FIDM Photography

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