Motion Graphics Inspiration 2014

For some creatives the hardest part of the week is getting their creative juices flowing early Monday morning. Removing the mental state of paralysis that follows a relaxing weekend is no easy feat but should be embraced by all for the sake of productivity. One suggestion we have for battling this vice is giving your creative battery a jumpstart through various forms of inspiration. Scroll down to stay current with the latest in the motion graphics videos for your inspiration.

Motion Graphics Inspiration 2014: “DUM DITTY DUMB” – Crystal Kay [Official Video]

Although the technique of rotoscoping has been around for nearly a hundred years, it’s rare that I find a video where it’s effect is so obviously felt. The fluid animation style in combination with both live action and 2D graphics make this music video a treat for any visual enthusiast. Click here to read the full article.

Motion Graphics Inspiration 2014: Nickelodeon’s ‘Nick Karaoke’ Promo

It’s not often I find myself feeling nostalgic when discovering new inspiring motion graphics videos but today was an exception. When browsing through the latest works from one of my favorite creative agencies Abundant Productions, I noticed Nickelodeon’s logo and was immediately intrigued. The television station Nickelodeon was a staple of my childhood due to the amount of hours I consumed on a daily basis during the… Click here to read the full article.


Motion Graphics Inspiration 2014: A Visual Journey Through the Iconic Logos of the 20th Century

Combat Monday morning blues and get your brain’s creative juices flowing again with a jolt of motion graphics inspiration created by Yun-Sik Hong. This personal project of Hong’s includes iconic logos, clever design concepts, a visually pleasing illustration style, bright colors, and fluid motion graphic transitions. What more could I want in an video for inspiration? The video takes the viewer on a journey through the… Click here to read the full article.


Motion Graphics Inspiration 2014: Silky Smooth & Visually Stunning Motion Graphics Work by FutureDeluxe

The silky smooth transitions and vibrant colors in contrast with a dark background provide the viewer a experience that is simultaneously calming and stimulating. The video seen above is a sample animation from a set of live tour visuals created for the Australian musician and songwriter duo Nervo. “Combining 3d head scanning with new animation techniques, we created a set of tour visuals for Australia’s charismatic EDM twins which continually changed giving unlimited combinations of animated content,” says FutureDeluxe. Click here to read the full article.


Motion Graphics Inspiration 2014: Beautifully Executed Fluid Logo Animation by Denis Krasavchikov

Russian designer, illustrator, and motion-graphic designer Denis Krasavchiko simply blew us away with a project he recently created for Papa Creative Agency. Although the animation is only 25 seconds long, it feels like you have to watch it a dozen times in order to truly begin digesting the visually stunning intricacies. The way Denis handles the fluid transitions of this project reminds me of a master chess player at work… Click here to read the full article.


Motion Graphics Inspiration 2014: Five Great Infographic Motion Graphics Videos

At FIDM Digital Arts, it’s no secret that we geek out over excellently executed infographics– or, visually compelling data– whether it’s delivered via motion graphics videos like the ones shown here or in static graphic designs. We hope you agree that a designer or filmmaker who manages to communicate a complicated concept through beautiful design while holding the attention of their intended audience can consider their…Click here to read the full article.


Motion Graphics Inspiration 2014: Stories Behind Mad Men’s Opening Title Sequence

AMC wrapped the seventh season of its Emmy-award winning series “Mad Men” last night which got us thinking about the creatives behind the show’s iconic opening title sequence: a silhouetted man who slow-tumbles from a high rise building while various classic advertising images fly past. Art of the Title interviewed the creators behind the compelling opening titles: producer Cara McKenney and creative directors Steve… Click here to read the full article.


Motion Graphics Inspiration 2014: The Innovation of Loneliness by Shimi Cohen

Eight months ago, a video called ‘The Innovation of Loneliness’ was released on the web and I’m not sure why it has taken me this long to discover it. This thought-provoking motion graphics video has grown virally, gathering a staggering five million views to date, and not without good reason. This visually stunning animated four-minute video provides a simple yet profound response to an intriguing question: What is the connection… Click here to read the full article.


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