Five Inspiring and Bookmark-Worthy Graphic Design Blogs (Disclaimer: These are Addictive!)

The Web offers plenty of places to draw design inspiration from, but one of my favorite ways to stay current with graphic design trends and the amazing work that other people are doing is to follow the blogs of successful and talented designers. From providing advice, to sharing their design process and recent work, to creating fun content, graphic design blogs are often a creative playground of sorts for their authors. Below are five that I always find inspiring.

Breanna Rose

Graphic designer Breanna Rose‘s blog contains everything from her moodboards to recent design work to advice for both students and professionals. With a beautiful, minimalistic blog design, her blog is a breath of fresh air in a sea of cluttered sidebars. It’s also very much an extension of her design style, and is a great example of a well-executed personal brand.

Breanna Rose Blog

Note To Self

Note To Self is the personal blog of graphic designer Sarah Tolzmann, who is currently a web designer for Ralph Lauren in NYC. Her blog was one of my early favorites for its classic black-and-white layout and clean, crisp aesthetic. Her layouts are always fun and  technically well-executed, and her fantastic typography skills are reason alone to browse through her four years’ worth of content.

Note to Self Blog

Nubby Twiglet

Shauna Haider, the blogger behind Nubby Twiglet, is a very successful graphic designer based in Portland, Oregon. She has worked with high profile clients such as Forever 21, Nike, and Virgin Records, among many others; is the co-founder of  popular strategy-based blogging workshop  The Blogcademy; and has just launched her own boutique design studio called We Are Branch. Her blog features plenty of advice, links to great creative resources, and fantastic imagery of her own creative inspirations.

Nubby Twiglet Blog


DesignLoveFest is the personal blog of Bri Emery, who is a graphic design alumna of FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and creator of another popular blog-based workshop focused on teaching Photoshop to bloggers called Blogshop. Emery collaborates with many amazing companies on her blog, from Gap to Benefit Cosmetics, and always provides fun, colorful imagery and beautiful typography.

Design Love Fest Blog


Emmadime is the personal blog of San Francisco based freelance graphic designer Emma Robertson. From sharing design inspiration to beautiful images to her own unique blog content–all beautifully designed– Emma always features interesting and often unknown companies, designers, artists, and products.

Emmadime Blog


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Author: Sara Berkes

Sara Berkes is a recent graduate of FIDM's Graphic Design/Branding program (Professional Designation) and also holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in English and Creative Writing from the University of King's College in Halifax, NS. Currently based in Ottawa, ON, Sara enjoys finding any opportunity to combine her interests in writing and design. In her spare time, Sara enjoys attempting to knit and sew her entire wardrobe and read more books, blogs, and articles than is humanly possible. Be sure to check out her personal website at

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