Future FIDM Students: Learn More about our Graphic Design and Digital Media College Programs

Turn your interest in graphic design or film into a lifelong career

Graphic Design Degree

  • No other graphic design program has the same unique focus on the fashion and entertainment industries with courses taught by award-winning industry professionals
  • Learn logo development, corporate identity, product branding and licensing, packaging, collateral material, and graphics for apparel products
  • California campuses strategically located in the world’s epicenter for apparel and entertainment
  • Join the ranks of FIDM Alumni who work for brands like Quiksilver, Disney, BCBG, TOMS, NBC Universal, Stussy, JustFab, and The Hundreds.

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combined-logosFIDM is an accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). 


Digital Media Degree

  • No other program offers a foundation in filmmaking education from pre-production through post-production
  • Learn editing, sound design, digital composition, motion graphics, 3-D modeling and animation, production, digital storytelling, and web design.
  • Study in the most exciting city in the world, heart of the entertainment industry.
  • Join the ranks of FIDM Alumni who work for leading entertainment studios and agencies like NBC Universal, Warner Bros., Create Advertising, Ant Farm, Brickyard VFX, Greenhaus GFX and Deutsch Advertising.

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FIDM is an accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). 

Evan Paras Brickyard VFX Jr. Flame Artist
evan“All of my teachers were amazing and interested in making sure we actually understood the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of what we were doing. The fast-paced school schedule was really the best segue into the post-production industry.”
Bri Emery DesignLoveFest Founder/Graphic Designer
bri-emery“FIDM brought me real world experience while I was studying there. The instructors pushed me to be creative, proactive, and gave me the tools to become a good freelancer.”

Angelica Raquid Graphic Designer for The Cimarron Group/Lakers player Metta World Peace
angelica-raquid“I would have never guessed that I would be in this position only about eight months after completing my degree at FIDM. I landed my jobs even before I finished school.”
Charlotte Hodgsen Mobile Applications Developer
charlotte“There’s not just one thing that I love about my job. I love the team I work with, and I love being able to design something knowing that is going to be live for thousands of people to see.”

Bana Bongolan Crooks and Castles Graphic Designer
 bana“I love that I get to design a lot and put my work out there.”
Marielle Pasco Warner Bros. Designer for Digital Media
marielle“I learned how to think outside of the box and to apply what I create into various different programs, and how they would tie in well together. I feel really accomplished to be working at Warner Bros. this early upon graduating from FIDM.”

Casey Bushong Society Clothing Graphic Designer
casey-bushong“The best part about being a creative is getting to see your ideas hit the market. It humbles me every time I get to see product in stores that I designed by myself.”
Kyle Thorsen Greenhaus GFX Lead Motion Graphics Designer
 kyle-thorsen“It’s surreal being able to design the things that people see every day. There are millions of eyes that see our TV spots, and it’s awesome.”
Jay Trumbull Ant Farm Games Capture Director
jay“I tell people who don’t understand what I do that I play video games for a living. More technically, I am a Director and Director of Photography for Video Game gameplay trailers. I work closely with the industry’s biggest companies to translate their visions into cinematic trailers, which capture the story and emotion that their project has.” 

Katie Bender Filmmaker
katie“Everything I’d learned at FIDM prepared me to communicate and speak the language of the digital world.” 
Mark Wood Graphic Designer for Manny Pacquiao
mark-wood“To see my design in person, and with Manny holding it– he said that it was everything that he wanted. Being a big fan, and also Filipino, it’s been a big privilege for me.”  

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