FIDM Digital Arts’ Monthly Desktop Wallpaper Challenge

Creatives turn to various places for inspiration. One of the strongest and most common places to house inspiration is right on a computer’s desktop. FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising is searching for creative designers, artists, and photographers who are up for the challenge of creating desktop wallpapers to help inspire others.

It would be our pleasure for you, our readers, to participate in FIDM Digital Arts’ Monthly Desktop Wallpaper Challenge.

Current Challenge: Design a pattern and make it into a desktop wallpaper.

Our current challenge is simple. Design a pattern and create a desktop wallpaper out of it!

Why Should I Participate?

  • Promote your work to over 20,000 monthly readers.
  • Your work will be featured in an email that goes out to all of our subscribers.
  • A link back to your personal website will be included in any and all promotion of your work.
  • Expose yourself to a new audience.
  • Inspire others.

How Do I Participate?

  • Design your wallpaper and save it as a .JPEG or .PNG (1920×1080 preferred size if possible)
  • Email your submission to with the subject line “Desktop Wallpaper Challenge”.
  • We will email you a link to the article showcasing your work once it is live.

What Do We Expect?

Following the basic steps outlined above is the best way to ensure your work will be featured on our blog. The wallpapers are published and are available for download in the first week of each month. We respect the ideas and motivation behind each and every participant and their work which is why we give you the full freedom to explore your creativity. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Browse Previously Submitted Desktop Wallpapers

Below you will find some of our favorite submissions from previous challenges to give you an idea of what to expect.

Earth Day Wallpaper by Sara Berkes

Earth Day desktop wallpaper by Sara Berkes

Download this desktop wallpaper.

Earth Day Wallpaper by Dr.Liz Musil

Earth Day desktop wallpaper by Liz Musil

Download this desktop wallpaper.

Earth Day Wallpaper by James Peacock

Earth Day desktop wallpaper by James Peacock

Download this desktop wallpaper.


Designed by Sara Berkes

'Love' - Desktop wallpaper designed by Sara Berkes.

Download this wallpaper: 2560×1440

‘Do What You Love’

Designed by James Peacock

'Do What You Love' - Wallpaper Designed by James Peacock

Download this wallpaper: 2560×1440

‘2015’ by Sara Berkes

December 29_Wallpaper_SB_2015


‘Happy New Year 2015′ by Šïvã Kümãr



‘Gloomy New Year’ by James Peacock



Stay Present by Mani O’Brien


Second Spring by James Peacock


Neon Mickey by James Peacock


Don’t Be Pushed by Mani O’Brien

Free desktop wallpaper download from FIDM Digital Arts

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