Color it Chic: Download Free Coloring Book Fashion Illustrations by FIDM’s Nancy Riegelman

Color It Chic fashion sketch by FIDM Instructor Nancy Riegelman

“Color It Chic” fashion sketch by FIDM Instructor Nancy Riegelman with color by FIDM Graphic Design Grad Chloe White. Scroll down to download this illustration to color it your way.

This fall, FIDM’s seasonal color trend sticker (above) showcases a new design featuring the work of published author and FIDM Instructor Nancy Riegelman, with color by FIDM Graphic Design Alumna Chloe White. Riegelman is not only a longtime instructor, but also the renowned fashion illustrator and author behind the 9 Heads: A Guide to Drawing Fashion series, as well as a collection of Color It Chic coloring books which feature Riegelman’s illustrations including the one shown above.

Nancy Riegelman“Each day is rewarding,” says Riegelman of her teaching career at FIDM. “I love to see my students developing their skills in fashion drawing so they can express their design ideas better and better. It always thrills me to see how quickly they can learn, and to see their drawings improving from week to week.”

In order to stand out in the fashion world, Riegelman recommends future fashion designers follow and express their passions.

“Look at what is going on around you. Tap into your own desires and demons and express them with your own personal flair and style,” she says. “Be different. Work hard. Follow your passions passionately.”

Key Career Tips from Nancy Riegelman

  1. Red Fashion IllustrationLearn to draw. “It is well worth the time and effort involved and gives you an enormous advantage in being able to express your ideas and communicate them quickly and easily.”
  2. Create a notebook, a place to collect ideas and images that impress you. “It will become a source of inspiration and stimulation for new fashion ideas.”
  3. Look at as much fashion as possible. “Visit all sorts of websites, look at as many magazines and other publications as possible. Visit fashion shows in museums, runway shows. Think about what you see.”


You can purchase “Color it Chic” and learn more about Riegelman on her site Fashion Finishing School.

FIDM teamed up with Riegelman to make a few of her Color it Chic illustrations available for download! Click on the icons below to download Riegelman’s illustrations and color them your way using Photoshop, colored pencil, marker or another tool. We invite you to show us your creativity by sharing your work on social media using #FIDMColorItChic for a chance to be featured on FIDM’s social media channels.

Download Riegelman’s “Color It Chic” Illustrations

Color your own Color it Chic illustration and share it on social media. We’ll be posting the top designs across FIDM’s Social Media channels over the coming school year. Be sure to follow @FIDMDigitalArts and @FIDM on Instagram.

  1. Download one of Riegelman’s illustrations by clicking on the images below.
  2. Color the illustration to express your creativity and make it your own.
  3. Share your work! Use #FIDMColorItChic on Instagram to share your work and see others designs, too.

Click on any of the images below to download:

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