Why You Should Join the Red Dot – Q&A with AIGA Red Dot President Candace Peoples

One thing many successful graphic designers, digital media artists, and FIDM / Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising graduates (including recent valedictorian Angelica Villegas) have in common is their participation in student groups and networking events during their time at school. The Red Dot, a student AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) group located at the FIDM LA Campus, is a group dedicated to the exploration of design and one that provides a lot of great networking opportunities for current FIDM students.

Red Dot AIGA First Meeting

Red Dot AIGA First Meeting – Thursday August 1, 2013 at 11:15 am in RM 400A.

For those that don’t know, the AIGA is the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design in the United States. Their mission is to “bring together practitioners, enthusiasts, and patrons to amplify the voice of design and create the vision for a collective future.” They “define global standards and ethical practices, guide design education, inspire designers and the public, enhance professional development, and make powerful tools and resources accessible to all.” The organization hosts conferences on everything from exploring design strategy and social impact to understanding intellectual property rights and how to protect your creative work. They also hold design competitions with incredible prizes, provide discounts on design software and products, and organize studio tours with some of the biggest design studios around the country.

Belonging to the Red Dot, affiliated with the Los Angeles chapter of the AIGA, allows students to network with current FIDM Graphic Design and Digital Media students who will one day be peers in the industry. It’s a place for those who love design to get together and discuss it; to learn from one another and collaborate; and to supplement our formal education by educating each other. When asked why students should get involved in the Red Dot, current president Candace Peoples puts it well: “Why not? It’s a great way to connect with classmates, meet creative people in the industry, and learn new and exciting things outside of the lab or classroom. Plus, it’s nice to explore and adventure into new things in the creative world with others. It makes the experience one thousand times better!”

Read on to learn more about Red Dot President Candace Peoples, find out when the first Summer Quarter meeting of the Red Dot is happening, and what exciting things Candace has planned for members.


Q&A with Red Dot President Candace Peoples

Prior to attending FIDM, Red Dot President Candace Peoples graduated from Timberland High School in Wentzville, Missouri, about thirty miles outside of her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. She is currently a Graphic Design/Branding major in her 5th quarter at FIDM.


Candace Peoples Red Dot President

Candace Peoples – Red Dot President

Students should get involved in the Red Dot because…

“when I think of why students should get involved in the Red Dot, I think, ‘Why not?’ I’ve been a part of the Red Dot since I became a student at FIDM in the summer of 2012. I’ve had a fantastic experience. The design world is constantly changing, and as an official member of AIGA and a student member of the Red Dot, we are consistently aware of these changes.”

At Red Dot meetings we…

“get to know each other and discuss future events. We also make new suggestions for things we would like to try, learn more about, or be exposed to. Our first meeting this quarter is Thursday August 1, 2013 at 11:15 am in RM 400A. We have exciting news to share and great things planned, so come and join us!”

This semester, some Red Dot events we have planned are…

“a few AIGA LA sponsored events, exhibitions, and studio tours. It will all be discussed at our first meeting, so to find out more you’ll have to attend!”

Students can find out about future Red Dot meetings and events by…

“reading the Red Dot posters that will always be displayed in the Graphic Design labs, Digital Media labs, and the Student Lounge. Sometimes teachers will also mention when our next meetings or upcoming events are. Nonetheless, you can always find out about meetings and events by “liking” our Facebook page!


So what are you waiting for Graphic Design and Digital Media students? Join the Red Dot today and enhance your FIDM experience! See you at the first meeting!


Thank you to contributor Sara Berkes for this great interview!

FIDMDigitalArts contributor, Sara BerkesSara Berkes is currently a Graphic Design/Branding major in the Professional Designation Program at FIDM. She has a B.A. Honors in English and Creative Writing from the University of King’s College and enjoys any opportunity to combine her interests in writing and design. She loves design that uses lots of white space, hand lettering, geometric shapes and excellent kerning, though not necessarily all at once. When not designing or writing, Sara enjoys knitting, sewing and reading lots of books.

Be sure to check out her website by clicking here.


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Author: Sara Berkes

Sara Berkes is a graphic designer, writer and maker based in Ottawa, ON, Canada. She has a combined BA in English and Creative Writing from the University of King's College and an AA in Graphic Design, which she earned from FIDM in December 2013 along with the 2013 / 2014 Graphic Design Award. When not designing or blogging at Sara Berkes Creative or writing for the FIDM Digital Arts Blog, Sara can probably be found sewing, knitting, or hiding from Winter. You can find out more about her and her work at www.saraberkescreative.com

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