10 Fantastic Websites for Design Inspiration Chosen by FIDM Graphic Design Instructor, Randy Dunbar


Inspiration is a critical element of producing creative work. Thanks to the Internet, we have thousands of websites, tools, and images at our fingertips to help spark our creative enthusiasm. Utilizing these great resources is something that is encouraged for all creatives, but sifting through this vast array of information can be overwhelming at times. One of the best ways of finding quality inspirational websites is to ask for recommendations from friends and colleagues that you respect. We recently sat down with Randy Dunbar, a Graphic Design instructor  at FIDM / Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, and asked him for his ten favorite websites for graphic design inspiration. Scroll down to see Randy’s picks and to learn more about him.


1. Graphic-Exchange

Graphic Exchange Website

“The brainchild of French graphic designer Fabien Barral, Graphic Exchange is a design treasure. A lover of great design and letterpress, Mr. Barral covers it all, from packaging to interior design, all with a very French point of view.”


2. I Love Typography

I Love Typography Website

I Love Typography was created in 2007 by John Boardley. ILT is a great source of typographical ideas. If you are a lover of type, this is your home.”


3. The Society of Publication Designers

Society of Publication Designers Website

The Society of Publication Designers website is certainly east-coast oriented but there is something for everyone who enjoys editorial design. Their job board is the ultimate go-to resource for publishing positions. Their design annuals are the best source of award-winning editorial design.”


4. Creative Pro

Creative Pro Website

Creative Pro is an excellent resource for reviews and tutorials about graphic design programs. Sign up and receive a weekly email about all the latest events in the graphic design world, for free!”


5. Graphic Design Junction

Graphic Design Junction Website

“Geared to towards web-design, Graphic Design Junction covers design, vector graphics, typography and a section of freebies.”


6. Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel Website

Font Squirrel is listed as a free-font utopia. This site lives up to is name with a wealth of free fonts. Your alternative to the overly-used DaFont.”


7. Watch The Titles

Watch The Titles Website

” In an alternative universe this is what I would be doing.”


8. Cover Junkie

Cover Junkie Website

Cover Junkie launched in November 2010 to spread the love of magazine covers. This website is for the magazine addict who delights in magazine covers from around the world.”


9. Issuu

Issuu Website

Issuu is an online service that allows for realistic and customizable viewing of digitally uploaded material, such as portfolios, books, magazine issues, newspapers, and other print media. It can initially be overwhelming, but is a great place to share ideas and projects with clients.”


10. Pinterest

Pinterest Website

Pinterest may the be ultimate mood board and the best inspirational site. Pinning your inspirations has never been simpler and this site can prove that you are not alone.”


Wildcard (Non Graphic Design Related) – Wiki Paintings

Wiki Paintings Website

Wiki Paintings is an encyclopedia of fine arts. Art is broken down into categories such as movement, genre, century or by nationality.”


About Randy Dunbar

Chances are if you have flipped through any magazine from HealthSelfMuscle & Fitness toMademoiselleBridesGQ or Home; or used the ubiquitous Movieline, you have seen Randy Dunbar’s work as an art or creative director. And if you have not seen his photography or graphic designs in a publication, you have probably read one of his published articles. Not a reader? Maybe you’ve seen one of his logos on a menu or storefront. Whether you know it or not, unless you’re a hermit living in a cave, odds are you have encountered the work of this prolific artist and teacher. Mr. Dunbar strives to illuminate avenues in design that his students may not have considered and encourages them to transform the ordinary into art. Appreciated on campus for his keen sense of humor, Mr. Dunbar appreciates both the state-of-the-art software and equipment, as well as the well-stocked Library as indispensable tools for his students.

Randy Dunbar Publication Design

Publication Design by Randy Dunbar


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Author: James Peacock

James Peacock is a Digital Marketing Specialist at FIDM in Los Angeles, California. He received his A.A. in Graphic Design from FIDM and was hired as Social Media Assistant in 2013 by his alma mater in order to help grow the institution’s social media marketing efforts. James now combines two of his passions, telling stories and solving problems by managing data-driven marketing campaigns across multiple channels that ultimately result in a positive return on investment.

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