FIDM/SF Graphic Design Students Design Logos for Vespa San Francisco

FIDM Students Crissy, Colleen, Wendy

FIDM Graphic Design Students, from left: Crissy Bisi, Colleen Costa and Wendy Ma presenting to Vespa SF representatives.

Not many design students get the opportunity to work with real-life clients while in school, so imagine the added feelings of excitement and nervousness, and industry experience that FIDM Graphic Design Students gained while designing logos for Vespa San Francisco for three months. Graphic Design students at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising’s San Francisco campus were recently challenged to designed a new logo for Vespa SF in their Applied Branding class taught by Jean Annette Saulsbury. For their final presentation, students unveiled their final designs to Vespa SF representatives, including Vespa SF sales manager Pete Surber, sales associate Julia De Graaf, and scooter-driving instructor, Ed Allen.

Vespa SF Representatives Julia, Pete and Ed

Vespa SF representatives: sales manager Pete Suber, Julia De Graaf and driving instructor Ed Allen.

The FIDM Graphic Design Students were challenged to design a new logo for Vespa SF that “does more than just mix the iconic Vespa logo together with the words ‘San Francisco’.” The students were asked to consider the feelings and the senses that are triggered while riding a scooter in the city.

Surber says that his experience working with FIDM’s Graphic Design Students exceeded the Vespa SF team’s expectations. “At the end of the project, scooter squad members were expecting to see rough sketches and preliminary studies in logo design,” he says. “[Instead] we were presented with all aspects of media collateral, from web layout to invitations, from business cards to posters.”

Vespa Logo designed by FIDM Students

Helmet logo, developed by FIDM Students Jon Campos, Kara Kansaku, and Kerry Heidinger.

One of the notable designs was a helmet logo, developed by FIDM Students Jon Campos, Kara Kansaku, and Kerry Heidinger. Inside the visor of the helmet are iconic buildings and landmarks from some of San Francisco’s most popular neighborhoods.

“While the Vespa San Francisco team was not sure the logo would work as a new mark for their company, they love the designs so much that they are planning on producing some apparel with the images to be sold exclusively in the Vespa San Francisco store,” says Lisa Hoffman, the Graphic Design Department Coordinator for FIDM/San Francisco.

Additionally, Hoffman says that Vespa SF plans to hire FIDM Students Jon and Kara on a freelance basis to create a more streamlined version of the logo that will work as a more traditional corporate mark.

PostMod-Matlock-McCormick-Moreno Black

Vespa SF logo, designed by FIDM Students Maggie McCormick, Samantha Matlock and Tovah Moreno-Black.

In addition to the Vespa SF logos, the students’ designs are being considered for another purpose, to serve as a logo of a new San Francisco scooter club being developed by Surber and other professionals. The purpose of the club will be to attract any scooter enthusiast so the logo needed to be interesting enough to appeal to a wide range of riders. The scooter club founders were so excited by the design submitted FIDM Students Maggie McCormick, Samantha Matlock and Tovah Moreno-Black that they plan to move forward with this logo design.

“Working with FIDM has been a great experience.  From start to finish, the students have approached the project with the highest level of professionalism,” says Surber. “For a project without funding, we were treated like big-budget clients!”

FIDM Students Presenting to VespaSF

FIDM Students Presenting to VespaSF, from left: Victor Martinez, Miku Sakomizu and Amy Cebada.

Vespa Mockups

Designs for the San Francisco scooter club, designed by FIDM Students Maggie McCormick, Samantha Matlock and Tovah Moreno-Black.

Tovah Moreno-Black

FIDM Student Tovah Moreno-Black presenting her group's design to Vespa SF.


Vespa SF Apparel designed by FIDM Students Jonathan Campos and Kara Kansaku.

FIDM Students Maggie, Samantha and Tovah

FIDM Students from left: Maggie McCormick, Samantha Matlock and Tovah Moreno-Black presenting to VespaSF

FIDM Students Jon and Kara

FIDM Students Jonathan Campos and Kara Kanasaku presenting their designs to Vespa SF.

FIDM Students Emily, Bridget, Vica

FIDM Students from left: Emily Spillane, Bridget Ryan and Vica Arreola presenting their logo designs to Vespa SF.

Visit the Vespa San Francisco Website here.

Read more about the VespaSF challenge here.

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