Tuesday’s Graphic Design Trend Report: Urban/Streetwear T-Shirt Brand Roundup

We’ve come to expect consistent high-fashion and packaging trend reports from Stylesight, but every once in a while the fashion forecast and trend analysis company releases some great urban street style reports, like their most recent trend forecast Brand Watch: Graphic Tees S/S 13. Highlighting some of the most “impactful graphic T-shirt collections on the market for Spring/Summer 2013,” Stylesight points to the following urban streetwear brands:

  • Young Lovers: “Witty and clean silhouette graphics with a range of branded slogans and 80s-inspired iconography.”
  • UNIF: “L.A.’s edgiest new label offering provocative and punk rock T-shirts.”
  • The Orphan’s Arms: “Sweet and dreamy collection of graphic tops inspired by English literature and history,” and
  • Rum Knuckles: “London T-shirt line from a skate-world artist creating pin-up and graffiti-themed designs.”
2013 graphic design trends: Excerpts from Stylesight's "Brand Watch: Graphic Tees S/S 13" report.

2013 graphic design trends: Leading urban/streetwear brands according Stylesight’s “Brand Watch: Graphic Tees S/S 13″ report. Credits below.

Above: Woe Anchor grey pullover by The Orphan’s Arms // 2 UNIF’s women’s T-shirt from the “Nothing Lasts Whatever” collection //  3 Dylan x Beethoven T-shirt by Young Lover // 4 Marilyn “limited edition” pink print by Rum Knuckles

Stylesight inspired us to gather some of our favorite urban streetwear-inspired T-shirt designs by recent Graphic Design graduates of FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Some of the trends we’re seeing from these young up-and-coming designers include:

  • “Secret society” inspired icons,
  • Play with graffiti
  • Bold athletic-style typography and
  • Illustrative motifs.

Check out the selection below:

2013 graphic design trends: urban streetwear T-shirt designs including "secret society" icons, illustrative motifs and bold athletic typography.

2013 graphic design trends: urban streetwear T-shirt designs including “secret society” icons, illustrative motifs and bold athletic typography.

Above: “Be Classy” T-shirt by IN//BEINHABITEDFIDM Graphic Design Alumna Bana Bongolan’s brand  // 2 “Depict” T-shirt design concept by FIDM Graphic Design Alumnus Martin Murillo // 3 “Grind” T-shirt design concept by FIDM Graphic Design Alumnus Glen Sese // 4 “Stay Sharp” T-shirt design concept by FIDM Graphic Design Alumnus Brandon Lozano // 5 T-Shirt design concept by FIDM Graphic Design Alumnus Danny Osterman // 6 Graphic design T-shirt concept by FIDM Graphic Design Alumnus Ryan Beckman.

With access to leading fashion trend reports at the FIDM Library, one of the largest specialized fashion libraries in the United States, students earning their graphic design and digital media degrees at FIDM stay current with upcoming trends for fashion, color, graphics design and more.

The FIDMDigitalArts.com Blog publishes graphic design trend reports every Tuesday. Browse more 2012-2013 graphic design trends here.

Questions/comments? Email the editor, Mani O’Brien at mo’brien@fidm.edu

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Author: Mani O'Brien

Mani O’Brien is the Online Editor for the FIDMDigitalArts Blog and the Social Media Marketing Manager for FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. She earned her bachelor of arts degree in print journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communications at Arizona State University in 2006, and Associate of Arts degree in Graphic Design (Professional Designation) at FIDM in 2010. When she’s not brainstorming social media marketing ideas or writing about the graphic design and digital media, she enjoys practicing yoga, reading magazines, and hanging out with friends and family in Los Angeles.

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