Three Inspiring, Cutting Edge Digital Design Projects that Drive Collaborative Creativity

Digital artists and designers are making use of emerging technology to develop interesting collaborative design projects, like The Exquisite Forest, an ingenious online collaborative animation art project. The project invites individual filmmakers to create short animations that build upon one another based around a specific theme. Contributing animators choose which clips to build upon, resulting in a variety of unique animated films.

It comes as no surprise that the project was conceived in part by digital artists/interactive designers Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin, known for other interactive online music video projects The Wilderness Downtown for indie rock band Arcade Fire, and The Johnny Cash Project, paying homage to the iconic musician.

Like The Exquisite ForestThe Wilderness Downtown and The Johnny Cash Project put an emphasis on individual creative experience and community contribution-style art. Described as a “unique crowd-sourced music video,” thousands of individuals have submitted drawings, strung together frame-by-frame to develop a music video to Cash’s “Ain’t No Grave,” while Arcade Fire’s music video caters to each viewer by incorporating Google Earth images of his or her home town.

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Koblin delivered an interesting presentation at TED on the topic of “artfully visualzing our humanity,” discussing how he is using technology to develop these and other unique collaborative interactive design projects that “reflect on cultural trends and the changing relationship between humans and technology.”

Check out Koblin’s TED Talk below, along with videos that further explain these amazing interactive projects. How do you think interactive technology and online collaborative art projects will influence future design? Join the conversation on Twitter @FIDMDigitalArts.

The Exquisite Forest

The Wilderness Downtown

The Johnny Cash Project

Aaron Koblin at TED Talks

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