The Life of a Blogger: Luci Petlack Tells All

fidm-digital-arts-lucis-morsels-1Recently, FIDM Social Media Instructor and Blogger Luci Petlack AKA Luci’s Morsels took over FIDM’s Instagram account to give her best tips and tricks for excelling in the ever-evolving blogging world. From brand deals, to photo-editing, these seven informative tips are sure to help all aspiring food, fashion, beauty and travel bloggers achieve their dreams. ⠀

1. Lighting is everything.

fidm-digital-arts-lucis-morsels-8“Since so much of blogging is visual, you’re always seeking the right shot. If there’s one trick to taking good photos on your phone or with a camera, it’s natural light! Early mornings and evenings are the best times. Avoid midday when the sun is brightest and take advantage of shadowed areas! The second trick is to figuring out how you edit photos. Whether it’s in an app on your phone or on a computer program (I love Lightroom), once you have your routine for editing photos, the process becomes much simpler and your content will be more consistent!”⠀⠀

2. Figure out your style.

fidm-digital-arts-lucis-morsels-7“It really does take a lot of practice to figure out what your style is though. I like a lot of color in my photos as well as creating a real-life setting, so my followers can imagine themselves instead of me in the photo. For outfit photos, I shoot at a handful of the same locations at similar times of day. This creates good photos as well as consistency between my pictures. When I’m traveling, like this photo in Victoria, photos are often unplanned because it’s new territory. My husband turned around at just the right time to see the framing seen here. While I take tons of photos traveling, I always seek to keep the look in line with all my other photos.”

3. Success takes time and hard work.

fidm-digital-arts-lucis-morsels-6“Trying to become an influencer in any niche takes time and work. After doing only fashion and food for nearly 4 years, I decided to add travel to my site. Before I could get companies to work with me, however, I had to create content all out-of-pocket. I started doing travel pieces on things to do around LA and my trips around California. Once I had good quality content to show as an example of my work, I began reaching out to brands + PR companies. It’s helpful to think of your blog and social media channels as your brand’s resume. Image here taken in Baja California – the trip that began my venture into travel blogging!”⠀

4. This is all you.

fidm-digital-arts-lucis-morsels-5“One of the most important things to keep in mind about blogging is that you are in charge of EVERYTHING. It’s not just photos and writing blog posts. I schedule social media to share my posts with followers. I reach out to companies to coordinate collaborations. I engage with fellow bloggers + my followers. I maintain a strict schedule for posting and a content calendar to ensure my posts are time-appropriate. And I handle all the finances of my site. It’s really a one person show and it is a lot of behind-the-scenes work.”

5. Don’t be afraid to reach out to brands!

fidm-digital-arts-lucis-morsels-4“One of the most common questions I receive is how to start getting collaborations with brands. When you’re more established, companies will start to reach out to you, but until then, you have to reach out to them! If you love a brand, especially if you’ve featured their products before, email their PR team. Introduce yourself and your blog. Tell them why you love their company and ask if they’re working with bloggers. Don’t expect payment at first. You have to start with gifted product, but treat it just as seriously and be sure to do the best job you can in the post. If it’s a good experience, they’ll want to continue working with you. These @birdiesslippers were a gifted product. One of the owners loved my image so much, we did a collaboration this year for Galentine’s Day!”⠀

6. Find your support system.

fidm-digital-arts-lucis-morsels-3“Though blogging can be a one person show, be sure to acknowledge and appreciate all the people who help make it possible. Whether it’s the person taking your photos or your friends who read every day, they are the foundation of your success. My husband has been taking my blog photos for 4.5 years. He, my mom, and a few fabulous friends have read each of my 1200 posts! Isn’t that crazy? I still tear up thinking about all of their love and support!” ⠀

7. You must keep brand relationships strong!

fidm-digital-arts-lucis-morsels-2“One suggestion for working with brands is also to keep up the relationship. Even if you aren’t currently working with a brand, share their products on your site. This shows your followers how much you really love a brand/product and it shows the company how much of an authentic fan you are. Additionally, reach out periodically just to touch base and ask if they’re collaborating. Two brands I collaborate with seen in this photo are @goorinbros and@lagos_jewelry.”⠀

Shout out to Luci Petlack for bestowing her wisdom upon us. Check out her blog here.

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Author: FIDM Staff

Whitney Sutherland recently graduated from FIDM's Merchandising & Marketing program. She’s an adventurer, a movie lover, a social media enthusiast, a health nut, a passionate writer, and a lover of life.

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