Take 5: FIDM Interviews Digital Artist & Photoshop Guru, Tomasz Opasinski about Movie Poster Design

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Digital Artist and Photoshop guru Tomasz Opasinski talks design with FIDMDigitalArts.com.

Recognized as a Photoshop Guru by NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals), digital artist Opasinski has collaborated to design more than 400 stunning theatrical/gaming ad campaigns during the past decade at creative agencies in California and abroad.

“You have to put in a lot to succeed in this [industry]. First is passion, the second is hard work, and the third, fun. Have fun with it,” he says to leading graphic design college, FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. “If you can bring heart into what you do, that’s great. You’re on the way to success.”

A master of his craft and owner of boutique agency Rev CreativeOpasinski is known for his ability to build elaborate movie posters (a.k.a. key art), with little-to-no assets using Photoshop, and 3-D software like Maxon Cinema 4D, and Pixologic Zbrush. Opasinski doesn’t suggest that you memorize Photoshop tutorials to be successful. Instead, he credits his success to his “metaphoric” approach to creative development, paying homage to his Polish design roots.

In this exclusive, one-on-one interview on FIDMDigitalArts.com‘s Take 5 web series, Opasinski discusses his design philosophy and the importance of conceptual thinking in design.

“I love this approach and I’ve been teaching this for quite some time. I love to see things pure, simple,” he says. “It’s a thin line to keep it simple, and recognizable for most people.”

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Take 5 with digital artist, Tomasz Opasinski on the FIDMDigitalArts.com Blog.


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