Student Spotlight: Krislam Chin Reports on Designer Saul Bass

Every quarter, students in FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising’s Graphic Design program are challenged to research, write and design reports on a variety of design-related topics from the biography of a graphic design leader, to the history of a design era. Alex Gardos, who was awarded the 2010 Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award in the Graphic Design major encourages his students to absorb themselves in the industry in which they are entering, and emphasizes the importance of knowing about the history of design, and the ground-breaking design pioneers who have paved the way for all of us aspiring designers. This quarter, Graphic Design/Branding Student Krislam Chin presented the following reports in her History of Design class. Originally from Ontario, California, Krislam shared the following with the Blog about her experience at FIDM thus far:

What brought you to FIDM?
I first heard about FIDM through my high school Graphic Design class taught by the best teacher in the world Mr. Michael Dahms, I was immediately drawn by the work that was presented to our class by the FIDM representative. I was completely blown away with the work that I saw being done by people like myself who share the same ambition and talent. At FIDM, the one-on-one that the students receive by the professors help us improve our talent. I also love the city life of Los Angeles, it just seemed like the perfect school for me.

What are your career goals?
My first goal in my career is to make a name for myself. I want people to know who I am by just looking at my designs. My future career will be big and filled with competition. I don’t see myself working in a cubicle designing my work, I see myself working with the top brands and names out in the industry. I know that the success that I will gain through FIDM will take me far and will allow me to work in any field of design.

Saul Bass
By Krislam Chin
Download the full report about Saul Bass Report Here and to visit another great website about Saul Bass’ work, click here.

The first report pictured here was written and designed by Krislam and discusses the career of famous graphic designer, Saul Bass. Krislam writes:

“I was surprised that he was responsible for so many logos that we use till this day.” Bass is responsible for famous logos such as AT&T and IBM. “His way of design has opened a new technique for me as far as how I design,” she says. “I try my best to attain much of his designs to not copy his work but to reflect it through my work to be as successful as him.

By Krislam Chin
Download the full report about The Constructivism Art Movement Here.

The second report that Krislam wrote is focused on the Constructivism Art Movement. Krislam writes:

“My constructivism report really opened my eyes, I’ve been so stuck on designing in a more modern perspective that I lost the idea of bringing back some of the old design and twisting it with the modern world. It’s not always about what’s in and what’s out, design recycles itself and it’s really important to embrace present design as well as design from the past. I find it essential not only in the design world but in life in general to know the historical turn tables of design, to know familiar names and movements, it will enhance you’re knowledge and keep you ahead of the game.”

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