FIDM Graphic Design Student and Aspiring Magazine Designer Inspired by David Carson

It’s difficult to imagine that any aspiring magazine designer wouldn’t know the name of infamously rebellious graphic designer, David Carson. So it makes sense that Helen Truong, who wants to be a publication designer and is earning her Graphic Design degree at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, decided to research Carson’s graphic design career as part of FIDM’s History of Design course.

“I learned that David Carson is incredible,” she says. “The amount of works that he has done is just astonishing. [Learning about him] was very inspiring for me.”

Helen Truong, earning her graphic design degree at FIDM, wants to design magazines for a living.Truong says that she had an interest in graphic design after taking art courses in high school, which led her to FIDM where “the magic started.”

“I really enjoy the benefits and learning experience in the graphic design program,” she says. “In four quarters I’ve had the opportunity to experience many forms of graphic design such as creating calendars, magazines, CD albums, illustrations, photography and so on! I’m not sure if other art schools would have [offered] such a fast, yet effective way of learning.”

While earning her degree, Truong also interned for Fiesta Publications as a graphic designer, designing Web and print graphics for Latino Bride & Groom and My Quince.

“I am very proud to work at this internship as it is one of the stepping stones for me to become as well-known as David Carson,” she says.
Helen Truong, earning her graphic design degree at FIDM, wants to design magazines.
Above: Magazine cover for imagined publication, The Style designed by Truong, and photos of Fiesta Publications where Truong is a graphic design intern.

Below, read Truong’s first-hand description of Carson’s graphic design career:

Graphic Design Profile: David Carson

To read Truong’s graphic designer report in full screen, click the “expand” button below:

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Author: Mani O'Brien

Mani O’Brien is the Online Editor for the FIDMDigitalArts Blog and the Social Media Marketing Manager for FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. She earned her bachelor of arts degree in print journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communications at Arizona State University in 2006, and Associate of Arts degree in Graphic Design (Professional Designation) at FIDM in 2010. When she’s not brainstorming social media marketing ideas or writing about the graphic design and digital media, she enjoys practicing yoga, reading magazines, and hanging out with friends and family in Los Angeles.

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  • Mark Taylor

    Graphic design one such subject where you need to have good imagination, creative, its just not a piece of cake. But it takes everything to make the best, thumbs up for David Carson for his work he has done and wish him all the luck for his upcoming work he does.

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