Featured DIY Project: Buchanan High School Student Shealyn Burdine’s Video Project

Video is often used during live events to help set the tone and build excitement for a audience. The videos shown during FIDM’s annual DEBUT Runway Show, capture the glamor of the fashion collections unveiled on the runway, and sets the stage for what the audience is about to see. Recently, we launched “Entertainment Marketing in the Digital Age”, a do-it-yourself project that challenges aspiring filmmakers to edit a show-open using free downloadable assets that we provide.

As part of the project, we challenged participants to submit their work to our online project gallery for a chance to be featured in an article on our blog. Today, we are proud to feature the work of talented Buchanan High School Student Shealyn Burdine. Although she is new to the video editing world, her work showcases a natural ability for flow and pace. Scroll down to see her completed project and to learn more about what gets her creative juices flowing.

Q&A With Yuma High School Student Shealyn Burdine

Shealyn Burdine Video Project

Hometown: Clovis, California.

High School: Buchanan High School

Grade: Ninth grade.

Hobbies: “I love to make videos and post some of them on YouTube and also read books on my spare time.”

What inspires your creativity? 
I am inspired by people/users on YouTube on how they make their video flow smoothly and with there dedication that drives them to do it.

Why did you decide to participate in this project?
I noticed that a person from FIDM came over to my school and showed me what FIDM was all about. Then she challenged my class to make a video for promoting FIDM so I accepted her challenge. I fell in love with what FIDM had to offer so I went to make a video for this right away!

What was your favorite aspect of this project?
I would say that my favorite part of this project was having an opportunity to make a video for a college; since it isn’t everyday that happens.

What was the most challenging aspect of this project?
The most challenging part of this project would have to be finding the right music for the video that would fit together smoothly.

What did you learn from completing this project?
I was excited and honored that FIDM published my video on there Digital Arts Blog Gallery page. Everyday I learn new tips on how to improve my editing and I feel confident that I can improve this and make it even better.

Shealyn Burdine’s Video Project

Create Your Own Video

Would you like to create videos like the one seen here? We have compiled a list of step-by-step instructions in addition to providing you free downloadable assets including video footage, graphics, music, and more. Click here to get started.


About this Classroom Presentation

The do-it-yourself project described above is part of the “Entertainment Marketing in the Digital Age” classroom presentation by FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising for high school classrooms.

“Entertainment Marketing in the Digital Age” Summary: The entertainment marketing industry sets the bar for innovation, creativity, and visually compelling advertising campaigns in the digital age. Discover what it takes to develop entertainment promotional pieces in this presentation that explores the career of the Entertainment Graphic Designer and the Entertainment Digital Media Professional.

This interactive presentation invites students to exercise their conceptual thinking skills while learning detailed film marketing methods and apply their knowledge to develop their own movie poster or movie trailer. This presentation has classroom handouts and support information. Please contact the FIDM Speakers Bureau at 800-262-3436 to obtain handouts and support information. The handouts for your students may include preparatory and follow-up activities, a template, worksheets, quizzes, and vocabulary lists (where applicable). Support information includes state and national standards and a bibliography (where applicable).

Click here to schedule this free classroom presentation with FIDM Speakers Bureau.

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Learn More…

Would you like to learn more about earning a degree in Graphic Design or a degree in Digital Media from FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising? Click the link below…

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Author: James Peacock

James Peacock is a Digital Marketing Specialist at FIDM in Los Angeles, California. He received his A.A. in Graphic Design from FIDM and was hired as Social Media Assistant in 2013 by his alma mater in order to help grow the institution’s social media marketing efforts. James now combines two of his passions, telling stories and solving problems by managing data-driven marketing campaigns across multiple channels that ultimately result in a positive return on investment.

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