Industry Insiders: Graphic Designer Shauna Haider on the Future of Graphic Design

In this new column, asks leading graphic designers and filmmakers and other industry insiders to weigh in on what’s happening in their industry in 2014 and beyond.


Shauna Haider Graphic Designer Industry Insider Interview

Graphic Design Industry Insider Q&A:

Name: Shauna Haider

Title(s):Creative Director of Branch
Blogger at Nubby Twiglet
Teacher, The Blogcademy

Your hometown: Portland, Oregon

First-ever job: Filing invoices in an accounting department during my college breaks.

First job in the industry: Junior designer at Nemo Design

What music you are currently listening to: I’m always clicking on Spotify’s recommendations so a little of everything! When I’m working, I like music without words because it helps me focus. Blackmill is a favorite. But as the day winds down, I like to switch it up with everything from Tupac to Twin Shadow.

A graphic designer(s) that is inspiring you right now: There are so many! Honestly, I discover so much new talent just by following new designers on Dribbble. Here are some of my favorites:

Briefly, tell us what the future holds for your industry in 2014 and beyond:

I’m noticing a trend towards smaller studios being founded. While there will always be big agencies to handle large, multi-national clients, small businesses are seeking a more tightly knit, hands-on approach for their projects. They’re hiring freelancers and studios that are on their level and get where they’re coming from. My studio, Branch is dealing exclusively with smaller businesses at the moment — we understand what they’re seeking because we’re a small business, too. They truly value that personal, caring touch when it comes to their businesses.

Shauna Haider Graphic Design Work


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