Seven Inspiring Motion Graphic Infographic Short Films that Educate and Entertain

We are seeing more and more examples of animated infographics emerge, which translate complicated facts and figures into digestible, visually compelling short films through motion graphics and digital media. Through the use of fluid visuals that are edited seamlessly with powerful music and sounds in the short films below, we appreciate the motion graphics artists’ ability to capture our attention long enough to learn something new. The topics ranging from silly cultural observations– like Alex Trimpe’s films dedicated to common misspellings and the influence of Facebook– to important social issues, like Giant Ant’s films dedicated to education and violence prevention.

Motion graphics is just one of the fundamental courses that students learn while earning their Digital Media degree at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Check out these seven inspiring motion graphics short films below:

Educate the Heart

By digital media and motion graphics artist Giant Ant.

On the Topic of:  Emotional and social skills-conscious education for the Dalai Lama Centre.
Fact you might not know: A study of more than 270,000 students found that social and emotional learning programs strengthened overall attitudes and behavior and led to an increase in academic scores by 11 percent.

To This Day

By digital media and motion graphics artist Giant Ant.

On the Topic of: Bullying awareness for the To This Day Project
Fact you might not know: The To This Day Project invites animators and motion artists to participate in a collective film project and event on February 27th dedicated to adolescent violence awareness.

The World is Obsessed with Facebook

By digital media and motion graphics designer, Alex Trimpe.
On the Topic of: The impact of the world’s most influential social networking site (as of 2011).
Fact you might not know: Forty eight percent of 18 to 34-year-olds check Facebook right when they wake up.

A Lesson in Spelling

By digital media and motion graphics designer, Alex Trimpe.
On the Topic of: Commonly misspelled words
Fact you might not know: 
The difference between there, their and they’re.

Did You Know?

By digital media and motion graphics team Agency Rush.
On the Topic of: The future sustainability of cities including population and urbanization.
Fact you might not know: Our world grows by 200,000 people every single day, enough to fill Wrigley Stadium twice.

The History of the Internet

By digital media and motion graphics designer Melih Bigil.
On the Topic of:  The Internet from time-sharing to filesharing, from Arpanet to Internet.
Fact you might not know: Bonus! You can click here to download all of the PICOL icons used in this motion graphics short film.


By digital media and motion graphics designer Chris Harmon
On the Topic of:
How 205 million gallons of oil would have been used if it weren’t spilled into the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010.
Fact you might not know: Ten million gallons of oil is likely to have been converted into 20,000 tons of plastic, which is enough plastic to make enough milk jugs to fill the Empire State Building.

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