Pro Tools or Logic? Avid or Apple? The Choice is Yours.

Pro Tools or Logic

We recently stumbled across an interesting article from the Protools Expert Blog about where both Avid and Apple were going with their audio business strategies. With many options to choose from, what is the best digital audio workstation out there?

According to the article’s author, Russ Hughes, “The best DAW (digital audio workstation) is the one that’s best for you and for Mac users trying to decide between Pro Tools or Logic, that choice got easier. If you need industry standard software with excellent sonics, workflows and interoperability then there is only one choice, and that is Pro Tools. If you need a powerful DAW to compose in then Logic Pro X is without doubt an outstanding value proposition. You can buy it for less than $200 and get everything you need to make amazing compositions, there’s no extra plug-ins or instruments to buy, you even get the iPad controller free.“

Another important aspect of these business strategies is managing user expectations. By user expectations, he means what kind of customer support users expect versus the customer support they will actually receive. For example, Avid is not the kind of company that has genius bars or free phone support like Apple does. Their company is simply not set up that way. However, Avid does have paid customer support that offers upgrade paths for software or hardware, pre-sales advice, hardware exchange schemes, pro application specialists and more. Hughes states, “So all the clues are there for those willing to see them; workflows, cost, support and upgrade paths – there are clear differences on all these things for both brands and designed for the CORE markets they are aiming to reach. If you chose to be the exception then don’t expect any special treatment. First decide what features you want, price you want to pay and the kind of after sales support you want, then make your choice. Pro Tools or Logic? Avid or Apple? It’s up to you.”

Still trying to decide which is best for you? We highly recommend check out the full article by clicking here.


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