Student Spotlight: Nicole Mercado Explores the DeStijl Art Movement and the Life of Graphic Designer, Paul Rand.

Every quarter, students in FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising’s Graphic Design program are challenged to research, write and design reports on a variety of design-related topics from the biography of a graphic design leader, to the history of a design era. Alex Gardos, who was awarded the 2010 Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award in the Graphic Design headshotmajor encourages his students to absorb themselves in the industry in which they are entering, and emphasizes the importance of knowing about the history of design, and the ground-breaking design pioneers who have paved the way for aspiring designers. This quarter, Graphic Design/Branding Student Nicole Mercado presented the following reports in her History of Design class.

In the first report, Nicole explores the history of the De Stijl art movement, explaining how designers during this movement “advocated pure abstraction and universality by a reduction to the essentials of form and color; they simplified visual compositions to the vertical and horizontal directions, and used only primary colors along with black and white..”. In the second report, Nicole explores the life and design of legendary logo designer, Paul Rand. Click on the images below to download Nicole’s full report.

Originally from Chino, California, and a graduate from Chino Hills High School, Nicole shared the following with the Blog about her experience at FIDM:

( Why did you decide to study graphic design?
(Nicole) I decided to study graphic design because I took a few computer classes in high school and I loved learning all the Adobe® programs and enjoyed all the projects we did. From that point on I knew I had to go to a college that offered graphic design as a major, so I looked into FIDM. I immediately knew that it was the school for me because the students are being taught by professionals that work in the industry and I liked that the class sizes were small. Also my cousin (Velia Marquez, Graphic Design class of 2004), had previously attended FIDM and graduated with a degree in graphic design, so I knew I would be getting a good education there.

Why did you decide to write about Paul Rand?
I decided to write my report about one of America’s most influential graphic designers Paul Rand because I loved that he was the person that designed some of the most well-known corporate logos, such as UPS, ABC and IBM and wanted to learn more about him. He was truly the genius of logo design, his logos are so simple, yet so timeless and I enjoyed his design aesthetic which can be seen in all his work– from his famous logos to his illustrations, magazine covers and book covers.

Why did you decide to write about the De Stijl movement?
I decided to write my report about the De Stijl movement because I was very fascinated by the artwork created during that art period. My favorite things about the artwork in that time period include how the artists have used basic shapes, and three basic colors such as yellow, blue and red, along with the black horizontal and vertical lines to create a variety of abstract pieces that are very unique and timeless.

To download Nicole Mercado’s De Stijl report, click here.



To download Nicole’s report about graphic designer, Paul Rand, click here.




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