Motion Graphics Monday: TANROH Fashion Film by MUSHI

The luxury fashion industry lends itself to great subject matter for highly visual and compelling digital media, as demonstrated by this by new women’s contemporary label TANROH. We were pleased to discover that one of our own graduates of FIDM was involved in the TANROH Film by MUSHI shown above, created in collaboration with Eurasian video artist MUSHI and Japanese audio/visual artist Yousuke Fuayama. Our team had the opportunity to interview the filmmakers in this FIDM Digital Arts exclusive on the importance of filmmaking for the fashion industry.

FIDM Visual Communications Grad (’08) Mindy “Yehjin” Joun is the current Creative Director for the TANROH brand, who had a hand in everything from website design, social media and PR for various clients to create the unique marketing and branding projects like the film shown here.

“TANROH has been one of my most recent and favorite projects,” says Joun who is the founder of Yeh.jin Design – a privately operated creative collective focusing on PR and branding design in Los Angeles. “I was humbled and excited for Lisa when she entrusted me with the task of creating a brand image for her new ready to wear line TANROH. I had worked with Lisa before on creating a logo for first collection ‘Higuchi’ where I learned she and I were both similar when it comes to design aesthetic and we both appreciated hard, clean, quality driven designs. At a similar time, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and see video artist Mushi’s work and the method of his artistic output. He had an undeniable artistic eye and I knew something cool can be created if we had Mushi on the team.”

TANROH a film by MUSHI coordinated by FIDM Grad Yeh.jin Joun

For TANROH’s lookbook video, Joun says that Mushi was challenged to work with limited resources, time and budget.

“Honestly, he didn’t have much to work with,” she says. “I also wanted to incorporate moving graphics and audio created by [the] very talented audio visual artist Yousuke Fuyama into the film and Mushi was able to compose the footage, graphics, and audio into one beautiful piece. I remember Yousuke and Mushi collaborating amongst themselves on what to do with the film, going back and forth with the designer Lisa on how she would like the film to be. I couldn’t have asked for a better creative team of artists and designers to work with.”

In terms of the overall branding and digital experience of TANROH, the team at Yen.jin Design has developed an elegant sophistication for the brand across various platforms from its website experience to its lookbook and film.

“It was definitely a pleasure and a treat to see Mushi, Yousuke, and Lisa in their elements of film, fashion, and visual/sound arts, bringing their unique strengths to the table and creating a single unified project through collaboration,” says Joun. “That’s what drives me as a creative director… or curator. A painter has his palette, and a musician has his instruments, but a curator has artists. And the thought of bringing artists and creatives together, for a common goal and purpose is not only exciting but also liberating because the possibilities are endless.”

TANROH a film by MUSHI coordinated by FIDM Grad Yeh.jin Joun

Between the rapidly evolving wearable tech and smart mobile phone industries, paired with social media and worldwide Internet access, we wanted to know what role video plays in the fashion industry in a digital world.

“Images themselves are crucial in the fashion industry as they can create an experience and feeling that help the fashion brand convey their message to the buyer. However a moving image, as in video, adds a whole other dimension to that story. It helps the customer digitally feel the fabric, see the way it drapes, the way it moves,” says TANROH designer Lisa Higuchi. “The thing to note about the video that Yousuke and James created is that every frame of the video also translated into an art image. The film was visually stimulating and successfully conveyed our brands focus on the strength and the pulse of women. Video is probably the most important communication tool that conveys emotion.”

TANROH a film by MUSHI coordinated by FIDM Grad Yeh.jin Joun

Mushi also spoke to the demand for video, adding “It is only natural with the transition and growth of technology that videos will become more prevalent in our world as hardware becomes more capable to handle videos. Fashion in particular also has to think beyond photography.”

Of course, photography is valuable in its own rights and tell a story, he says, but changing consumer behavior is leading inevitably toward more video consumption.

“Soon mediums of visual experience will technologically shift towards more and more videos. It is common practice for fashion brands now to invest as much or more in video shoots rather than photoshoots. Fashion films or concept films have been the main use of videos in fashion and with such medium we are able to communicate a different type of beauty and story in comparison to photos,” he says. “Nonetheless, as users and consumers are more adapted with personal devices that display photos as well as video – this means that videos are accessible to anyone and beyond the world of fashion films. Video versions of look-books/mood boards/BTS/online merchandise. In this digital age videos are as important as photos. They have different aims but they have become equally accessible.”

See the full list of credits below:

Director and Editor/ Mushi
Graphic Visuals & Audio/ Fuyama Yousuke

Models/ Minji Money & Jenni Melear
MUA/ Sherri Celis
Stylists/ Natalie Mendez & Lauren Matsumoto
Production Assistant/ Angella Choe
Project Coordinator/ Yeh,jin

TANROH a film by MUSHI coordinated by FIDM Grad Yeh.jin Joun TANROH a film by MUSHI coordinated by FIDM Grad Yeh.jin Joun TANROH a film by MUSHI coordinated by FIDM Grad Yeh.jin Joun TANROH a film by MUSHI coordinated by FIDM Grad Yeh.jin Joun

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