Motion Graphics Monday: Five Great Infographic Motion Graphics Videos

At FIDM Digital Arts, it’s no secret that we geek out over excellently executed infographics– or, visually compelling data– whether it’s delivered via motion graphics videos like the ones shown here or in static graphic designs. We hope you agree that a designer or filmmaker who manages to communicate a complicated concept through beautiful design while holding the attention of their intended audience can consider their mission accomplished. Filmmakers are truly challenged to tell a compelling digital story through the marriage of sound and visuals to create innovative motion graphics short films like the ones below:

Infographic Motion Graphics Video #1

10 social media facts and statistics in USA you should know in 2014 by motion graphics studio 24motiongraphic (San Francisco).
In case you hadn’t heard… people are really into social media these days. Get some up-to-date statistics on the number of Americans engaged with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube in this visually stimulating motion graphics video above.

Infographic Motion Graphics Video #2

OpenText / The Power of Information by design studio Tendril (Toronto, Canada)
The delicate fine lines of the animated motion graphics in this piece gives off a feeling of elegant sophistication.

Infographic Motion Graphics Video #3

ESS3 / The State of The Internet by creative agency, JESS3, which specializes in data visualization.
Created in 2009, the facts in this great motion graphics video by Jess3 is a bit dated, but the visuals continue to captivate with mind-boggling facts about Internet usage.

Infographic Motion Graphics Video #4

Bitcoin Explained by award winning art director and animator, Duncan Elms (NYC/Sydney)
Dedicated to the fascinating economic and social impact of digital currency Bitcoin, this great motion graphics piece by Duncan Elms uses beautiful colors and graphics to explain Bitcoin in three in a half minutes.

Infographic Motion Graphics Video #5

Where things come from by designer Hardy Seiler
This motion graphics video will have you thinking twice about where our food comes, or rather, our ignorance for where our food originates.

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