Motion Graphics Inspiration: “Villa” – A Feast of Dots, Lines, Color & Motion

What do you get when you combine the simplicity of dots and lines with the complexity of grunge and distortion? You get “Villa”, a synergistic visual identity video created for the 2014 Reykjavik Visual Music – Punto y Raya Festival, a festival devoted to visual and abstract live cinema that is taking place from January 30 to February 2, 2014 at Harpa, Reykjavík in Iceland. Guillermo Daldovo, the video’s creator and art director states, “VILLA is a feast of pure dots, lines, color, motion, and sound. We wanted to have a real match with the electric spirit of both organizations, and their mutual devotion to abstract film and live cinema.”

“Work with passion, and never stop researching and making mistakes to find new forms of expression,” states Daldova to aspiring motion graphics artists in an email interview with

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Motion Graphics Inspiration – “Villa”

Additional credits:

Direction, art concept and design: Guillermo Daldovo 
Error and editing: Bernard Arce
Producer: Sonia Figuera
Music: “Tao Ki” by RSantos SupercineXcene


What makes this piece of motion graphics work unique in my mind is the way Daldovo utilizes synergy, color, and sound to accomplish his goals. First, Daldovo creates synergy by using clean lines and simple dots as the main graphical elements, but displays them in a distorted way, similar to a silent film. Color and texture are then added in sync with the audio to create emphasis at certain points. What intrigues me the most is the way this distortion was created. Daldovo states,

“We created distortion by creating a series of digital glitches in the images frame by frame. We lost quality by filming the projection of the video on a wall, printing out the video frames, and scanning them once again. Thus, throughout this process, the images lost quality over and over again. The idea explores the beauty of randomness and expressionist power.”

Scroll down to see some examples of this distortion.


Villa - Motion Graphics Inspiration Villa - Motion Graphics Inspiration Villa - Motion Graphics Inspiration Villa - Motion Graphics Inspiration Villa - Motion Graphics Inspiration Villa - Motion Graphics Inspiration Villa - Motion Graphics Inspiration Villa - Motion Graphics Inspiration Villa - Motion Graphics Inspiration Villa - Motion Graphics Inspiration

Guillermo Daldovo

The video’s art direction, compositing, editing, and design were executed by Argentinian art director, designer, and animator Guillermo Daldovo. Daldovo has worked in studios in countries all over the world including Spain, Germany, Italy, Costa Rico and Colombia. We recently wrote about Daldvo’s Dazzling, Visually Stimulating, Illustrative Motion Graphics Video “Genesis” which we highly recommend checking out. His reel is also worth checking out. Both videos can be found below.



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