Meet the Winner of the “Clean, Green Tomorrow” T-Shirt Contest, Cain Bochter

Cain Bochter Headshot would like to congratulate high school senior, Cain Bochter, the winner of the “Clean, Green Tomorrow” T-shirt contest.

Open to high school students only, asked students to create an inspirational graphic T-shirt design to celebrate Earth Day. Submissions were judged based on originality, use of color, how well the design supports the theme, and consideration for the entirety of the T-shirt.

Cain designed a shirt depicting the slogan “Don’t fight the flower” on the front, and “A Clean, Green Tomorrow” slogan on the back (see below). The saying “fight the power” influenced him, and Cain decided to give the slogan a new meaning to send a positive planet-saving message. Cain says that to refine his idea, he presented ideas to his marketing class at Apponequet Regional High School in Lakeville, Massachusetts.

“It feels great to be announced the winner and to represent my school for the second time this year,” says Cain, who is also an active DECA member. “I used peer advice, and definitely put a lot of effort in.”

Cain says he has experimented with T-shirt designs as a hobby, using Photoshop and spray paint. (The designs looked nice– until they went through the washing machine, he says). “I always mess around with Photoshop, making designs and logos for fun,” he says. “I love photography and I sometimes use those pictures in my designs or edit them.” Sounds like a good foundation for an aspiring graphic designer!

Cain’s interest in T-shirt design also extends into his role as a DECA member. He participated in DECA’s State and International conference T-shirt contests, and designed the logo for “Rags to Riches ,” the winning video for the FIDM Runway Challenge” hosted by FIDM and DECA earlier this year.

“I always think T-shirts are something cool to keep if you go to an event. It’s something to represent what happened, and the experience,” he says. “I just like the idea that a T-shirt can make an experience better.”

Cain will be receiving a FIDM goody bag for winning this contest.

Congratulations, Cain!

Read Cain’s essay below:

When my DECA advisor sent me the link for the contest, ideas just started to flow through my mind.  I saw green, and thought of plants, the world, and how people try to fight for green peace.  Recycling is part of the green movement but that’s unoriginal, so why not use plants or flowers to get my idea out there? That wasn’t good enough; I needed to make a statement.  I’ve always known of ‘Fight the Power.’ I asked my teacher if that would be something that could help me win.  So I hopped on Photoshop and made a few designs.  I showed my marketing class the next day and they chose which one I should use. I agreed to their decision and you’re looking at the one they picked.”

"Don't fight the flower" T-Shirt Design by Cain Bochter, winner of the "Clean, Green Tomorrow" Contest

"Don't fight the flower" T-Shirt Design by Cain Bochter, winner of the "Clean, Green Tomorrow" Contest. (Front)

"Don't fight the flower" T-Shirt Design by Cain Bochter, winner of the "Clean, Green Tomorrow" Contest (Back)

"Don't fight the flower" T-Shirt Design by Cain Bochter, winner of the "Clean, Green Tomorrow" Contest. (Back)



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