Know Your Design Roots: A Summary of the De Stijl Art Movement By FIDM Student

In this month’s issue of HOW magazine, an article entitled “29 Things Young Designers Need to Know” provides some great insight from Doug Bartow, a Principal and Design Director at (very cool design firm) id29 in Troy, NY. The 23rd piece of advice that Bartow emphasizes is for young designers to “Know Your History and Understand Design’s Cultural Past.” (Read more about this article here… or pick up a copy of HOW for yourself).  At FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, the same lesson is taught to students in the Graphic Design program, who study the history of design as well as art history, gaining a thorough understanding of their industry’s history and evolution.

2This quarter, Graphic Design Student Jessica Luong wrote and designed a report summarizing the De Stijl art movement, in her History of Design course taught by Alex Gardos. Her report discusses the design elements that defined De Stijl such as objectivity, simplified visual compositions and use of primary colors yellow, red and blue. As a pivotal step in the history of design, traces of the De Stijl movement can be found in art, architecture, fashion and graphic design today. Jessica’s report provides a concise summary in a well designed report.

Jessica writes, “The motive of De Stijl was to find a way to express the ideal of spiritual harmony and order through the art. Art from teh De Stijl movement advocated pure abstraction and universality by concentrating on the essentials of form and color rather than subject matter.”

Download Jessica’s full report to learn more about the De Stijl art movement.


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Author: Mani O'Brien

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