Industry Insiders: Freelance Designer & Animator Jordan “J-Scott” Scott on the Future of Digital Media

In this new column, asks leading graphic designers and filmmakers and other industry insiders to weigh in on what’s happening in their industry in 2014 and beyond. Below, hear from freelance designer and animator Jordan “J-Scott” Scott.


Jordan Scott Freelance Animation & Design


Digital Media Industry Insider Q&A:


Name: Jordan “J-Scott” Scott. My name is Jordan, last name Scott. Sometimes I go by the design alias J-Scott, whatever you prefer unless you call me Scott. Don’t call me Scott.

Your hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

First-ever job: McDonalds (unless you count selling pet rocks, plums, or iced tea to the neighborhood)

First job in the industry: Creating how-to videos for a cell phone company.

What music you are currently listening to: If you mean this exact second, I’m listening to the song “Go With The Flow” – Queens of the Stone Age.

A digital media artist(s) that is inspiring you right now: There are so many so it’s a hard thing to simply pick one as it can vary depending on why I’d pick them. Both Dan Savage and Colin Hesterly are people I look to for the way they tell great stories while also being able to amazingly visualize them.

Briefly, tell us what the future holds for your industry in 2014 and beyond:

If I knew that, I’d be living on a ritzy boat somewhere drinking some high priced drink I can’t pronounce!


The work of Jordan “J-Scott” Scott.

Kohl’s – Dream Receipt

“I really enjoyed working on this project for Kohl’s with the awesome people over at Firstborn. Working with a team that developed a live website showing photos and video of those who had won their entire purchase at Kohl’s, I designed and then animated this simple spot to quickly inform and spread the word about the campaign. The campaign ran right up until Christmas and it was a pleasure to work with such great people to bring this spot to life! A huge thanks goes to Roger Lima a.k.a White Noise Lab for composing an awesome track and mixing everything together so seamlessly.” – J-Scott.

Children’s Mercy – Ballet Dancer (Director’s Cut)

“I was brought on board by Imaginary Forces L.A. and tasked with creating a visual design language that would help tell two different animated typographic stories for Children’s Mercy Hospital, both touching on some heavy subject matter while keeping them light and magical. Once we had completed this task, I moved on to animate one of the two spots, telling the story of words that transform from negative to positive, from Childhood Cancer to Ballet Dancer. It was an incredibly fun and collaborative experience with the IF team and it always makes it that much more inspiring to know that the story being told is one of hope for an organization that is truly doing good work.” – J-Scott.

Washington State Lottery – Millionaire

“I had the incredible pleasure of working with the dudes over at The Academy to help bring to life a series of 4 different spots for Washington State Lottery . In this multi-part campaign we explored what it meant to be a Winningaire, Millionaire, Thousandaire, Hundredaire & Dollaraire. Between being able to animate the search for your own personal submarine captain, to the convenience of owning your own sudsy carwash, we had a lot of fun doing it. Although, we’re still searching for those winning number combos we were promised.” – J-Scott.

Meet the Firms

“I teamed up with CollegeFrog to pump out this spot for their “Meet the Firms” week that connects accounting students to all the registered firms in their state and provides tools for future employment. It’s like having your own Hollywood agent, except neither of you are actors and you’re good with numbers (hopefully). Wesley Slover hopped on and used his training at Hogwarts to nail the sound design, and the end logo was designed by Kyle Schmitz.” – J-Scott.


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Author: James Peacock

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