Motion Graphics Monday: “A Universe of Possibilities” by Hinge Digital

Are you a fan of space? How about fruit? Random I know, but stay with me here. Hinge Digital’s “A Universe of Possibilities” is a delicious, citrus-filled thrill ride through the universe that showcases the power of computer graphics, dynamic lighting, and cinematic camera moves. Cosmic explosions of fruit and color, in contrast with the darkness of deep space, allows for a “Gravity-meets-Willy-Wonka“-type of experience that appeals to the senses. What are you waiting for? Hit that play button and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Jamba Juice “A Universe of Possibilities” by Hinge Digital


Creative Production: Hinge Digital
Executive Producer: Roland Gauthier
Director: Alex Tysowsky
VFX Supervisor: Michael Kuehn
Animation Director: Alex Tysowsky
Production Manager: Tiffany Navarro
Storyboard Artist: Tiffany Navarro
Production Design: Tyler Kenworthy
Modeling: Josh LaFayette
Rigging: Josh LaFayette
Animation: Keith Sizemore
Matte Painting & Texturing: Tyler Kenworthy
Look Development & Shading: Jonathan Beals, Tyler Kenworthy
Lighting: Jonathan Beals, Andrew Nawrot
VFX: Andrew Nawrot
Compositing: Terell Seitz, Andrew Nawrot
Sound Design: Pyata G. Penedo, Christopher James Thomas, figure8sound

About Hinge Digital

“Founded in 2009, Hinge Digital was built on more than 60 years combined experience in feature film, broadcast commercials, and visual effects. Hinge’s unique approach stems from the merging of best practices culled from the most prestigious studios in the world, paired with a unique creative vision that constantly improves and reinvents approaches, processes, and pipelines. Hinge is truly the best of both worlds: a high-end post production and animation studio, and a turnkey digital agency.” – From

Hinge Digital 2014 Reel


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