It’s A Denim World At True Religion HQ

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Recently, FIDM got the inside scoop on what life is like at True Religion’s Headquarters in Manhattan Beach, Calif. In case you missed the coverage the day-of, here’s a recap of what went down on FIDM’s Instagram and Snapchat. We chatted with CEO John Ermatinger and CFO Dali Snyder, along with Graphic Designers and other members of the True Religion HQ Team about everything from finance to following your dreams (and it doesn’t hurt that you get to peek into their fabulous office)!

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True Religion Chief Executive Officer John Ermatinger took us through how the brand became so wildly popular. Celebrities are largely to thank for the brand’s recognition!

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Chief Financial Officer Dali Snyder gave us a bit of insight on what it’s like to work in a senior position at a global brand. He’s responsible for A LOT including working with more than 12 banks and mutual funds that lend True Religion money, managing lease deals for new store locations and outlets, figuring out where the best place to sell their merchandise (Saks and Nordstrom versus True Religion Brand stores) and staying aware of top trends that affect the company from a financial perspective.

Dali’s best advice is to get out of your comfort zone. He may seem like a big shot now, but he said when he was going into finance that he didn’t really know what he was getting himself into and was a little scared to move forward. (See even CFOs have to start somewhere!) However, he didn’t let being afraid keep him from pursuing his goals and now he’s the CFO of a multi-million dollar global brand!

Angelica Villegas works as the Senior Graphic Designer at True Religion. Her job includes overseeing and managing the entire design process from web to print to store windows! She graduated from FIDM’s Graphic Design Program in 2013 as Valedictorian and won FIDM’s National Scholarship Competition. Her best advice to graphic design students is to keep going, even when it’s tough, because persistence will eventually get you to where you want to be. As a Senior Graphic Designer, she really notices students and applicants who are very personable, and who had an interest in and a passion for True Religion before they decided they wanted to work for the company.

We met with more members of the True Religion HQ team and they shared insight on their job and also their advice for students and recent grads! HINT for copywriters: carry a notebook with you at all times and write down everything. You never know what might be useful to you later! ADVICE for anyone who wants to be in the fashion industry: intern everywhere and anywhere you can! The specific field doesn’t even matter too much because the experience is just going to add to your list of qualifications.

A big thanks to True Religion for inviting FIDM! Remember to follow FIDM on Instagram (@fidm) and Snapchat (@fidmcollege) to keep up to date with future takeovers!

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