[Interview] Inside Define Magazine: What’s in a Word?


Cover Art: Adam Patrick Jones & Chad Kouri

Define Magazine: Simple. Innovative. Uninhibited.

As a co-creator and founding graphic designer for Kinfolk MagazineAmanda Jane Jones has definitely proven her keen eye and unique abilities in the creative world. After her time at Kinfolk Amanda and her husband, Cree, decided to dive into a whole new ballgame. Her artistic new venture, Define Magazine, is an innovative print-only publication that releases quarterly issues centered around a single word.  Within an issue, different artists, through various mediums,  define what that specific word means to them. Through their interpretation, they create unique masterpieces. This medium gives each artist a chance to work on projects uninhibited by the client filter and to collaborate on a global scale—to create something beautiful and thought–provoking. Scroll below to read our Q&A with Jones about her vision for Define, and her advice for creatives.

[FIDM Digital Arts] How did you come up with the concept of Define Magazine?

[Jones] “I love what I do and the clients I work with, but every now and then as an artist, I yearn for the opportunity to create something without the client filter, try something that I normally wouldn’t. I know other artists feel the same way.”

Why did you decide to make Define Magazine a print publication?

“My background is in print, so although not the most cost effective route, it felt the most lasting. We hope it’s a magazine that resonates with artists and art admirers so that we are able to accumulate a collection of definitions that create a beautiful anthology to be enjoyed and re-defined for years to come.”


Amanda Jane Jones and Cree Jones

Issue 001/ Fear

The first issue featured these extraordinary interpretations of the broad concept of fear:


Cover Art: Adam Patrick Jones


Artist Credit: Zack Robbins


Artist Credit: Caitlin Watson Boyes


Artist Credit: Jessica Peterson

What qualities do you look for in an artist who wishes to contribute to an issue?

“When looking through submissions, we’re most drawn to very clever and out of the box submissions. There are very obvious ways to define things, but we can’t create a magazine full of the same ideas. We like to see people thinking outside the box. Unique, clever and surprising are three words to describe our favorite submissions.”

Your first issue focused on fear, and this issue focuses on shape. What research goes into coming up with a word to center your issue around?

“Honestly? None. I remember when Cree and I were first dreaming this up, we were in the car making lists of words we thought were compelling. Fear seemed like the perfect word for issue one, because it’s completely terrifying to start something new like this – to put yourself our there and take the risk. Especially after the huge success of Kinfolk – you just never know how things like this will be received.”


Artist Credit: Joey Bates

Issue 002/Shape

This issue took on a lighter tone, but was not any less extraordinary. Below are some of the unique takes on this concept:


Cover Art: Chad Kouri


Artist Credit: Axel Oswith


Artist Credit: Natalie Stopka


Artist Credit: Chad Kouri


Artist Credit: David Winward & Britt Chudleigh

Gain more insight into Define Magazine with Amanda Jane Jones: 


Image Credit: Define

How is your creative viewpoint for Define Magazine different than it was for Kinfolk Magazine?

“Kinfolk was the same format for every issue – and I’ve tried to make Define feel a bit more like an art piece in itself with creative typography and layouts. But of course, my mantra is still clean and simple.”

What is your long-term goal for Define Magazine?

“Long term, we’d love to involve more and more artists to make each issue a global conversation surrounding each word. We’d also love to work with museums and galleries to do exhibits and large interactive art experiments. We also see a book in our future.”

How can FIDM Students get involved?

“Join the conversation! Each issue has a specific hashtag (#DefineFear #DefineShape) and we encourage our readers to add their voice and aesthetic. For issue 002 we partnered with VSCO to host a #DefineShape challenge. We had over 4,500 submissions through the VSCO grid, it was incredible– and very hard to choose our favorites. They are printed at the end of the issue.”

Interested in contributing? 

Issue 003  /  DEFINE : home

Now taking proposals.

All proposals can be sent to amandajane@define-magazine.com

Check out Define Magazine’s website: www.define-magazine.com

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