How To: Create a Realistic Embroider Mockup Effect Using Adobe Photoshop (With Free Downloads!)

One of the most important things I have learned so far in my career is the simple fact that you do not have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to accomplish something. Last year for example I was working on a logo design for a client that wanted it embroidered onto a fitted baseball hat. As always I wanted to provide my client with a realistic mockup and after wasting two precious hours trying to create the effect from scratch, I knew there had to be a better way.

After a few Google searches, I stumbled across a free photoshop embroider mockup template that can be used in commercial work. Perfect! I achieved the effect I wanted in a fraction of the time and the client was extremely impressed with the fact I went above and beyond to provide a real world example of the logo. Today I would like to share with you how to do the same. So scroll down and get started!

Embroider Mockup Tutorial: What You Will Be Creating

Learn How to Create An Embroider Mockup in Photoshop

Tutorial Details

Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop 4.0 or greater

Difficulty: Very Easy

Estimated Completion Time: ~5 minutes

Resources Used In This Tutorial

Step 1) Getting Started

To get started, please download the embroidered logo mockup provided by our friends over at Graphic Burger and extract the files from the .zip into a new folder. You should now have a folder with three items inside.



Step 2) Open In Photoshop

Now go ahead and open the “EmbroideredLogoMockUp.psd” in Photoshop. Your layers and file should look like the screenshot below.


Step 3) Add Your Logo / Typography

Whether you want to include a logo, typography or both like I did, now is your opportunity to do so!

Double-click on the layer titled “Your Logo Here” and a new document should open with a group of layers called “Logo” like the screenshot below.




Next, create a new layer called “My Logo”. Then go ahead and delete both shape layers. Your layers should now look like the screenshot below.




With the “My Logo” layer selected, place your graphic by clicking on “File -> Place” in the top menu bar. You will notice that the layer name changes and updates to the name of the file. Be sure to position and scale the graphic to your liking.




If you want to include some text you can. Type out whatever you would like using the “Horizontal Type Tool” and any combination of fonts and colors.

IMPORTANT: Once you finish typing, you must convert your type to a shape. To do so, select your type layer and click on “Type -> Convert to Shape” like the screenshot below.




IMPORTANT: Finally, click “File -> Save” to save your logo file. Doing this will automatically update the original “EmbroideredLogoMockUp.psd” file in the process. Click over to the “EmbroideredLogoMockUp.psd” file to see your progress. It should look something like the screenshot below.



Step 4) Add Background

Finally, we need to add the textured background to give it that realistic touch. Double-click on the layer titled “Place Bg image here”. Similar to the logo layer, this will open up a completely new document for you to work in like the example below.




With the “bg image here” layer selected, click on “File -> Place” in the main toolbar and select the “Bg-place-inside-psd.jpg” image from your mockup folder like the example below.




Make sure that the image covers the entire area.




IMPORTANT: Finally, click “File -> Save” to save your background file. Doing this will automatically update the original “EmbroideredLogoMockUp.psd” file in the process.

Your all done! After saving your background file, click back over to the “EmbroideredLogoMockUp.psd” to see your final result.


The Final Result

Learn How to Create An Embroider Mockup in Photoshop

Questions, Comments or Concerns?

Let us know in the comment section below! We would love to see your creation.


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Author: James Peacock

James Peacock is a Digital Marketing Specialist at FIDM in Los Angeles, California. He received his A.A. in Graphic Design from FIDM and was hired as Social Media Assistant in 2013 by his alma mater in order to help grow the institution’s social media marketing efforts. James now combines two of his passions, telling stories and solving problems by managing data-driven marketing campaigns across multiple channels that ultimately result in a positive return on investment.

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  • Linda Pham


    This file is great and saves some time! Is there any way to not have the logo sheared or at an angle? Couldn’t rotate the logo through transform. Is there a way to unlock that or change the settings? I.e. I was hoping to have it flat and straight on and I can change the shearing per different needs.

  • FIDM Digital Arts

    Hello Linda,

    We are so glad to hear that you found this helpful. Yes there should be a way to accomplish what you need. What we just tried (and worked) is to select the “Effect” layers group and then select “Edit -> Transform -> Skew”. From there, you can pull the edges to straighten it out a bit. Once that is done, you can rotate the entire thing so it’s properly aligned vertically. Attached is an example we just did. Hope this helps!

  • Linda Pham

    Thank you!!!

  • eyeseeyou

    Is there a way to adjust the depth? I’m trying to mock up puff embroidery for snapback hats.

  • gregge

    How about fixing it to not do the skewing rotation at all?

  • David Arnold

    Yes, if you could do this without rotation it would be a GREAT help!!! Please!!!!!!

  • David Arnold

    This would be GREAT help to many of us if you could remove the rotation and as eyeseeyou wrote below, a bit more depth would put this over the top!!! I beg you Sir!

  • David Arnold

    More depth would be so helpful, I agree eyeseeyou! But we can’t take away from what he has given us, I just hope he reads this and can help out a bit!

  • PsdDude
  • Jimmy

    Hey FIDMs,

    Attached are two images, One is a Art work and one is look like an embroidery sewout but is not, its a print (File which says PSD Patch), So is it possible to produce Vectors of this kind of Illustration ?

    Please clarify


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