Design Gear for a Good Cause: “Design vs Cancer” Founded by FIDM Graphic Design Alumnus

Graphic design for a good cause: Design vs Cancer launched by FIDM Alumnus Peter Deltondo.

Graphic design for a good cause: Design vs Cancer launched by FIDM Alumnus Peter Deltondo.

Published on October 8, 2013

FIDM Graphic Design Alumnus Peter Deltondo is corralling top-notch graphic designers together to fight cancer in a new business Design vs Cancer which will provide assistance to families and individuals battling cancer funded by the sale of premium designer T-shirts and other goods, he says.

After his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, Deltondo was compelled to start a design-related campaign to raise funds for his family. After pairing up with graphic designer Mike Jones, Deltondo quickly realized how many other designers were interested in his benevolent efforts and decided to expand his focus.

“We realized that we wanted to help others beyond my own family and my mother,” says Deltondo, who graduated from the Graphic Design/Branding program at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in 2012 and currently operates his own freelance graphic design business Deltondo Creative. “It became apparent that cancer is something that so many people have been affected by that a lot of designers wanted to jump in.”

Design vs Cancer is in its infancy stages, but Deltondo intends for all of its after-tax profits to go directly to families who are struggling to pay rent, medical bills and other daily expenses while their loved one is undergoing medical treatments.

“Salt and Light” by graphic designer Sel Thomson

“Salt and Light” by graphic designer Sel Thomson.

The lineup of designers that Deltondo has approached is promising in terms of quality, including Jon Contino, Mary Kate McDevitt, Nick Slater, Dave Coleman, Brian Hurst, Sel Thomson, Chelsea Donegan and Scott Fuller. (See work samples from these designers, most of which specialize in hand-lettered typography, below).

Deltondo intends to produce T-shirts using only premium fabrics and silkscreen prints from top-notch vendors like boutique letterpress and silkscreen print shop Mama Sauce, Real Thread and Printed Threads, which will no doubt satisfy the standards of typography and design-geekery fans.

Deltondo is also reaching out to other designers interested in his cause. For more information, visit

Updated on January 3, 2014

Graphic design T-shirts, posters and other goods have been unveiled on the Design vs Cancer Kickstarter page, including by graphic designers Jen Hood (Hoodzpah), Sergey Shapiro, Joseph Alessio, Chris Wright, Mary Kate McDevitt, Adam Grason, Sel Thomson, Mike Bruner, Mike Jones, Kasper Van Eerden, Scott Fuller and Enon Avital.

“The support from the design community has been amazing! We’ve been honored to be featured on blogs we’ve been following for years, such as FIDM Digital Arts, the Dribbble Blog, and Grain Edit,” says Deltondo. “Designers from all over have been getting in touch with us from Facebook and Twitter all offering to help us with new designs, website development, and kind words of encouragement. I’m truly humbled and proud to be part of an industry that comes together as a team like this.”

Browse Design vs Cancer graphic tees and posters, and watch Deltondo’s full story below. Get more details on Kickstarter here.

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