Getting Social With Calli Cholodenko

fidm-digital-arts-calli-something-social (2)FIDM Social Media Instructor Calli Cholodenko recently took over the FIDM Instagram to showcase and give insight into her career as the Creative Director for Something Social. According to their website, Something Social is a boutique digital marketing and social media firm that specializes in lifestyle brands. Their main objective is to help brands discover their voice and vision within their social media plan. Scroll down to get seven specific insights into her daily life.

1. Aesthetically Pleasing Coffee Brings Pure Joy


“If anyone knows me, they know there’s nothing I love more than a marble counter-top and lots (and lots) of coffee! I usually start my day with a cold brew or shot of espresso, and a perfect aesthetically pleasing coffee cup makes it even more enjoyable,” says Cholodenko. ⠀

2. A Beautiful Office = A More Productive Work Environment

fidm-digital-arts-calli-something-social (3)

“This is where it all happens at Something Social! We like to keep the office bright and airy to help the creativity flow, and we got a little help from one of our fave photographers, Gray Malin, whose beautiful imagery makes us feel like we’re always on a beach getaway,” says Cholodenko.

3. You Must “Work It Out”

fidm-digital-arts-calli-something-social (4)

“I love kick-starting the day with a sweat sesh in my fave APL shoes! I’m a morning person, so I usually workout around 6am and I find my days are so much more productive when I know I got my workout out of the way early! A few of my LA go-to’s are Cycle House and⠀

Training Mate,” says Cholodenko.

4. Collaborate To Succeed

fidm-digital-arts-calli-something-social (5)

“View from the top of some of my Something Social girls hard at work! We have a super collaborative environment and that working together brings the best results. There are so many moving parts when it comes to social media management, so we’re constantly bouncing ideas off of one another,” says Cholodenko.

5. Treat Yo’ Self

fidm-digital-arts-calli-something-social (6)

“Cheers to a fab day of client meetings and photo-shoots! Now time to unwind at a WeHo neighborhood fave, E.P. & L.P. Restaurant. Come for the drinks, stay for the views,” says Cholodenko.

6. Always On That Work Grind

fidm-digital-arts-calli-something-social (1)

“Another day that starts with my phone, computer and an extra shot latte! On today’s agenda: new business meetings and social, social, social,” says Cholodenko.

7. Meet Me In The ‘Bu

fidm-digital-arts-calli-something-social (7)

“Views, blues and the ‘bu! This is one of my favorite spots for business meetings, team culture days, or just a weekend brunch. Born and raised in LA, I have always felt a special connection with the ocean, and Malibu is my happy place. In the constantly buzzing world of social, I have found it’s important to have some “me” time in a place that truly calms me. It reminds me to be present, in the moment, and grateful for today,” says Cholodenko.


Follow Cholodenko:

IG: @callicholo

Follow Something Social:

IG: @somethingsocial

Twitter: @SomethingSoc_LA

Facebook: /somethingsocialla



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Author: FIDM Staff

Whitney Sutherland recently graduated from FIDM's Merchandising & Marketing program. She’s an adventurer, a movie lover, a social media enthusiast, a health nut, a passionate writer, and a lover of life.

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