Final Wrapup! The Creative Process A to Z: Part 3 by FIDM Student, Peter DelTondo

Check out the final result of Peter Deltondo’s hard work in this special three-part series dedicated to the creative process.
Peter, a Professional Designation Student who is earning his Graphic Design degree at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, shared his experience as he designed a class project for Graphics & Licensing, a course taught by Diane Packer in FIDM’s Graphic Design/Branding program. Check out his final project below:

“Lily & Marshall” Graphics & Licensing Project by Peter Deltondo


Graphics & Licensing is an intense course at FIDM in which students develop a style guide using original illustrated characters, patterns and icons. This book of illustrations and guidelines is the students’ intellectual property and used for product licensing purposes.
FIDM Graphics & Licensing Project "Lily & Marshall" by Graphic Design Student, Peter Deltondo

In Part 1 of this series, Peter introduced his rough sketches of two dinosaur pals, “Lily & Marshall” who would appeal to a target audience of children ages 2 to 5, and teachers of students in this age group.

In Part 2 of this series, Peter adapted his hand-drawn illustrations to digital format using Adobe Illustrator, developing a cohesive color palette, a logo, icons, patterns and borders that would be used in brand marketing materials for Lily & Marshall.

Below, read’s final wrap up questions about Peter’s project:

Read more about Peter’s creative process, below:

FIDM Graphic Design Student, Peter Deltondo( After completing your final project, how does it feel to see your final characters/book?

(Peter) “It’s really fun to see the evolution of the project. Seeing my chicken scratch sketches transform into these characters is pretty cool. It also gives me a deeper respect and appreciation for other design/designers knowing how much work goes into creating a concept, background story, and just a few characters and supporting icons, patterns, and borders. We managed to cram all this into a few weeks, but I’m sure other projects take many months to produce.”

How did you grow as a designer over the course of 10 weeks?

“With each course at FIDM we mature as designers. Of course, our entire class learned more about Adobe Illustrator, but the key things we learned are how to develop a cohesive project. Another thing I love about FIDM is the supportive competition. All the students want to have a great project, but most people check their egos at the door and spend time with other students helping everyone improve. We all chime in on each other’s designs, both inside and outside of the classroom. Getting feedback from students who all have different illustrative and design aesthetics is really beneficial.”

Rough Sketches for Lily & Marshall and Final Project Cover by Peter Deldondo

(Above: Rough Sketches for Lily & Marshall and Final Project Cover by Peter Deldondo)

What was the biggest challenge?

Patterns and borders by Peter Deltondo for his Graphics & Licensing final project. “For me the decorative elements (icons, patterns, borders) were my biggest challenge. I actually had a pretty easy time with my character development, but creating all the other elements and retaining the same feel and style of the characters was a little tricky. I went through so many hours brainstorming, sketching, then throwing that away and starting back over!”

What skills did you refine throughout this project?

“Spending so many hours in Adobe Illustrator, I definitely learned some new tricks there. It’s a little funny thinking back at how I did not really know the power of Illustrator until I got to FIDM, and now it’s my primary program of choice in the Creative Suite. I also enjoyed discovering a bit more about my illustrative style and hope to continue to grow that skill.”

How will you use this project in your final portfolio?

“I want to tap into the mind of [FIDM Graphic Design Instructor], Kevin Reagan, and see how my concept and design can be improved. I think it’s an important piece to have in my portfolio to show some diversity in my design skill sets by having an illustrative project. I would love to refine this project to a point that I could potentially approach a children’s book publisher with the concept or with today’s technology, I suppose I could produce my own iBook on the App Store!”

Anything else you would like to add?

“One of the great things about FIDM is that we get to experience so many different aspects of graphic design. We learn our strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to focus on our strengths and work on our weaknesses. As designers, we are a ‘jack of all trades, and a master of SOME.’ For me, this class revealed a weakness to me that I want to improve. I’m happy with how this project finished for my first attempt at a fully illustrated project. While my comfort zone is in branding, web design, typography, publication design, photography, and photo manipulation, knowing a weakness is just as, if not more important, to discover about myself.”

Peter Deltondo quote

Any advice for incoming FIDM Graphic Design Students?

“Don’t fret if you don’t know what you are good at or passionate about yet. The instructors here will support you and guide you. Randy Dunbar will teach you to appreciate the beauty of an ampersand (Goudy Bookletter 1911 is my favorite); Fariah Raji will help you see the beauty of the world from behind the lens, Doug Haverty will teach you how to harness the true power of Photoshop; Diane Packer will show you everything about Illustrator and convince you to buy a tablet, Kevin Reagan will get you excited about branding in the music industry and will provide the absolute best feedback about what is and isn’t portfolio-worthy, and even non-designer (Pre-press Production Instructor) John Clifford will correct everything you ‘thought’ you knew about taking your designs from digital to print.

Icons by Peter DeltondoSoak all this stuff up! You learn so much at FIDM that you’ll never be able to learn through web tutorials. The instructors are what make this school great! These are the people who help put us into the job market with the knowledge we need to find work and produce quality work. To all my instructors, past and present… I sincerely thank you all!”

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