Film Friday: Be in the Know! Check out Videos of the Week, from JT’s New Music Video to Sneak Peek Superbowl Ads & IE’s ’90s Nostalgia Spot

Catch up on your pop culture news in online videos you may have missed this week, from Internet Explorer’s nostalgic ’90s viral video sensation, to Justin Timberlake’s classy new music video, to sneak peek Superbowl commercials.

Internet Explorer ’90s Nostalgia Commercial

It’s no secret the “Millennial” generation (those born between 1980 and 2003) are prone to nostalgic feelings for all things 1990s, and Internet Explorer’s new ad campaign brilliantly captures that spirit in its new ad campaign. Released just 48 hours ago, the online video has gone viral with more than 1.5 million views to date.

Whether or not Gen Y’s trip down memory lane filled with imagery of pogs, dial-up Internet and Tomagotchi pets will entice them to revisit the browser known for its slow load time and on the receiving end of Internet meme jokes, if exposure is what IE was hoping for, we say mission accomplished.

via Huffington Post.

Justin Timberlake’s new “Suit and Tie” Video

March 19 may mark end of the six year silent streak from Justin Timberlake– the date upon which the pop megastar is scheduled to release his highly anticipated “The 20/20 experience” album– but you but you can get a taste of JT’s new sounds in the music video for his single “Suit & Tie” featuring Jay-Z, which dropped this week.

The lyrical video is reflective of an emerging digital media trend in which motion graphics and animated typography are incorporated into live-action footage.

via Refinery29.

Signal Snowboards ETT “Noncents Penny Snowboard”

The most recent episode of Signal Snowboard’s Every Third Thursday web series proves that although creative endeavors are not always successful, they sure are entertaining. Watch Signal’s team in action as they create a custom snowboard with grooves for loose pennies.

FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising is thrilled to work with Signal Snowboards in a collaborative industry project with FIDM’s Graphic Design department. Details are top secret, but will be revealed after FIDM’s 2013 DEBUT runway show. In the meantime, check out more inspiring Every Third Thursday videos by Signal Snowboards at this link.

Sneak Peek: SuperBowl XLVII Ads

Even for football non-enthusiasts, the Superbowl is notorious for its entertainment value in the onslaught of cutting-edge commercials as brands battle for attention after paying big bucks for airtime (up to $4 million for 30 seconds, according to ABC News). This year, many brands have stepped up their game by releasing their ads online, some with an added social experience. Get a sneak peek at how brands are embracing cutting edge digital media trends this year:

GoDaddy’s “YourBigIdea.CO” Spot

GoDaddy has released one of the two commercials it plans to air on February 3, a 30-second, controversy-free spot shown below. It’s no surprise to see the company return as a Superbowl sponsor year after year since its highly-scrutinized debut into television advertising during Superbowl XXXIX in 2005, which was followed (despite the criticism) by tremendous gains for the company.

via Ad Age.

Coca-Cola’s “Mirage” Spot

Agency:  Wieden & Kennedy

Coca-Cola has incorporated an added twist with the release of its online commercial, inviting viewers to help determine the ending of the cliffhanger video by participating in a social media game throughout the Superbowl.

“The importance of second-screen behavior, social and digital were big themes,” states Pio Schunker, senior VP-integrated marketing at Coca-Cola North America to Ad Age.

via Ad Age.

Audi’s “Prom” Spot

In a similar spirit, Audi has released three different options for its Super Bowl ad, inviting viewers to determine which ending sees airtime.  Watch one of the options below:

via Business Insider.

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