Film Friday: Videos of the Week including Disney’s Innovative “Paperman” Animated Short, a Flipbook Take on Gangnam Style, “World War Z” Super Bowl Spot and More

Catch up on your pop culture news in online videos you may have missed this week, from Disney’s ground-breaking Academy Award-nominated short, “Paperman” to the chilling “World War Z” Super Bowl spot.

Also, if you’re looking forward to the advertisements as much as the big game on Sunday, check out Mashable’s “10 Best Super Bowl Ads of all Time.”

Disney Animation’s “Paperman”

Walt Disney Animation Studios debuted its Academy Award-nominated short film “Paperman” online, which Wired writer Graeme McMillan suggests, could be indicative of the future of animation with its blend of hand-drawn and computer-generated imagery.

“Created by a small, innovative team working at Walt Disney Animation Studios, ‘Paperman’ pushes the animation medium in an exciting new direction,” states Disney Animation on its Youtube page.

It’s six and a half minutes of Disney at its best with a touching storyline, set in a minimalist black and white mid-century New York that will convince you of its hand-drawn authenticity. It’s pure love!

Oppa Gangnam Style Paper Animation

With 1.25 billion plays and counting, the official “Oppa Gangnam Style” music video holds the record for most-viewed video on Youtube and the parodies continue to roll in sixth months after its original post date.

A new video has emerged featuring the South Korean pop legend by a Youtube user (arguably Psy Gangnam’s greatest fan), who filmed an illustrated paper flipbook that captures every frame of the entire 3:46 minute music video. We’re amazed at the drawing skills, but more by this artist’s commitment.

“World War Z” Big Game Spot

Get a peek at Brad Pitt starring in zombie thriller “World War Z” in the trailer being aired during the Super Bowl. Based on the bestselling novel by Max Brooks (son of filmmaker Mel Brooks according to Forbes), the film offers a chilling new take on the undead with swift-moving, building-climbing zombies:

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