FIDMDigitalArts Welcomes New Staff Writer, FIDM Graphic Design Alumnus James Peacock

Hello! My name is James Peacock and I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist and staff writer for the Blog.

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James Peacock Blog Writer

James Peacock Blog Writer

As a 2010 FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Graphic Design Alumnus I’m passionate about all things design. If something compels or inspires me, I feel it’s worth sharing with like-minded individuals. I have been a fan of this blog long before I was lucky enough to become a writer for it. It’s an absolute privilege to share with you the latest design trends, inspiring design work, design news, portfolios by graduating FIDM Students, graphic designer interviews, and the long list of other content we provide here.

Before I became an employee at FIDM, I was working full-time as a freelance graphic designer. Although most of my projects involved logo design, I also have experience in web design, brand development, publication design, car wrap advertisements, pole banners, WordPress blog development designs, and many more.

My design philosophy has always been straightforward: Form + Function = Design.

This principle was first taught to me by FIDM Graphic Design Instructor, Alex Gardos. Each element of a design should have a purpose that is thought out well. If a piece of creative work has no function, it is considered art.

Some of the graphic designers who inspire me and are worth checking out include:

Herbert Matter

I’m a huge fan of Herbert Matter because he is one of the pioneers of modern day graphic design. His expertise in photography and graphic design helped shape the vocabulary of the graphic design industry. His swiss style is now famous and commonly reproduced.

Read more about Matter in a previous blog post here.

Herbert Matter's famous Swiss tourism poster design

Herbert Matter’s famous Swiss tourism poster design.

DKNG Studios

DKNG Studios produces some of the most impressive and awe-inspiring graphic design I have seen in the last ten years. Their use of lines, geometric shapes, and texture impresses me every time I look over their latest work. The amount of detail and man hours that goes into each design is motivating to me as a designer. Their work always compels me to better myself and my work.

Read more about DKNG Studios in a previous blog post here.

Eric Clapton poster design by DKNG Studios.

Eric Clapton poster design by DKNG Studios.

David Carson

Although I don’t I agree with every design decision David Carson has made, I have huge respect for the man and his career. The fact that he throws out all design principles and somehow makes his designs work is very impressive. His quote, “Don’t mistake legibility for communication” really changed the way I approach and perceive graphic design.

Read more about Carson in a previous blog post here.

Blue magazine cover designed by famous graphic designer, David Carson.

Blue magazine cover designed by famous graphic designer, David Carson.

Milton Glaser

Anyone who has made a logo as famous as the “I Love New York” logo will always have my attention and respect. Glaser’s use of line, color, and illustrative style is visually pleasing and has always grabbed my attention. His Bob Dylan poster (posted below) is one of my favorite posters of all time.

Read more about Glaser in a previous blog post here.

Bob Dylan poster designed by graphic design pioneer Milton Glaser.

Bob Dylan poster designed by graphic design pioneer Milton Glaser.

Paul Rand

Paul Rand is my favorite logo designer of all time. The amount of quality, bold, and iconic logos he has created is impressive. I always come back to Rand as inspiration if I’m having trouble with designing a logo.

Read more about Rand in a previous blog post here.

Book cover designed by famous graphic designer Paul Rand

Book cover designed by famous graphic designer Paul Rand

Saul Bass

The movie poster for Hitchcock’s “The Birds” is my favorite movie poster of all time. Ever since I was a child it has stood out to me in such a bold and visual way. His use of positive and negative space is so effective in creating a focal point and his use of geometric shapes and bright color creates a style of his own.

Read more about Bass in a previous blog post here.

Saul Bass Movie Poster Design

Saul Bass Movie Poster Design for Hitchcock’s “The Birds”


Kevin Reagan

Kevin Reagan’s extensive CD package portfolio is inspiring for any graphic designer to look through. His expertise in this area really proved to me you can have a successful career in graphic design if you work hard. As an Alumnus of FIDM I had the honor of working under the guidance of Reagan as a FIDM Graphic Design Instructor, which really helped me build a strong portfolio.

Read more about Reagan in a previous blog post here.

Kevin Reagan Art Director

Madonna “Music” Art Direction by Kevin Reagan


You can check out some of my work on my portfolio Website here. If you would like to know a little more about me and my background feel free to read my portfolio interview right here on the Blog. Also, if you would like to get in touch with me, whether to suggest content for the blog, ask a question, or just say hi please email me at

Thanks and have a great day!

Questions/comments? Email the editor, Mani O’Brien at

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Author: James Peacock

James Peacock is a Digital Marketing Specialist at FIDM in Los Angeles, California. He received his A.A. in Graphic Design from FIDM and was hired as Social Media Assistant in 2013 by his alma mater in order to help grow the institution’s social media marketing efforts. James now combines two of his passions, telling stories and solving problems by managing data-driven marketing campaigns across multiple channels that ultimately result in a positive return on investment.

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