FIDM x Lacoste Collaboration: 5 Quentin Tarantino Film-Inspired Illustrations

FIDM’s Advanced Study Program in Film & TV Costume Design provides a comprehensive view of a field with its own distinct tradition and creative challenges. It offers students an opportunity to explore the qualities that make film and television such an interesting field to pursue.  These students are tasked with unique projects that help aid in the development of a wide variety of cinematic reference, as well as opportunities to work in collaboration with iconic names in the industry.

Every year these students have the opportunity to collaborate with Lacoste to re-imagine their classic polo. This year the students were challenged to design looks inspired by Quentin Tarantino films. The students were also invited to attend the Costume Designers Guild (CDG) Awards in Los Angeles where their designs were on display, and where Tarantino was honored along with actress Cate Blanchett.

Browse sketches and looks designed by FIDM Students below:

1. Madie Striegel: Jackie Brown



2. Elizabeth Glass: Kill Bill

Lacoste-Kill Bill Illustration


3. Kristina Selby: Django Unchained 



4. Nicole Kerswill: Pulp Fiction



5. Alyx Chung: Inglorious Bastards 

Lacoste_Inglourious Basterds



In addition to their work being included in the 2016 CDG Awards, these students were able to meet and interact with iconic Academy Award winning actress, Cate Blanchett, as well as Academy Award winning Costume designer, Sandy Powell:




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Author: FIDM Staff

Whitney Sutherland recently graduated from FIDM's Merchandising & Marketing program. She’s an adventurer, a movie lover, a social media enthusiast, a health nut, a passionate writer, and a lover of life.

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