FIDM Student Feature: Celebrity Footwear Designer Devlin Braswell


FIDM Merchandise Product Development Student Devlin Braswell, is a successful custom sneaker designer with a celebrity following. Devlin designed Cam Newton’s shoes for the Superbowl! To say the least, he is definitely on his way to becoming a household name. Recently, FIDM collaborated with Devlin for an Instagram takeover. He shared significant insight into his creative process, his future, and his advice for aspiring designers.

Check out our FIDM x Devlin Braswell IG Takeover recap below: 

Significant Designs:

Freddy Kruger: 


“The customs that mean the most to me so far would have to be my ‘Freddy Krueger’ customs… and that’s because that was the first custom I did with my students. In addition to customizing, I also teach a class for young customizers and have developed a sole dye to allow customization options that weren’t available using existing techniques. After we posted pics of the finished product, it made my social go from 1,200 to 30,000 followers in one weekend.”

Cam Newton: Super Bowl 


“The other favorite custom is, of course, the Cam Newton Super Bowl customs which was covered by ESPN and the Washington Post.”

“What the Sagers?” 


“My current favorite is my “What the Sagers” inspired by Craig Sagers’ flamboyant style. He is currently battling his third bout with cancer and all the NBA players love him.. he’s a good guy.”

Inspiring Advice:


“I’ve been customizing since 1997. I started customizing my shoes because I wanted to stand out and be different than everyone else,” he says. “Doing customs for a cause is what means the most to me. Art is art, but I want my art to inspire… my canvas just happens to be shoes.”


“REMEMBER: Believe in yourself, stay focused and be ready to sacrifice sleep and partying in the pursuit of chasing your dream.”



Follow Devlin:

Instagram: @fbccbayarea


Be sure to catch Devlin at San Francisco Open House on April 23rd, 2016. RSVP here:

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Author: FIDM Staff

Whitney Sutherland recently graduated from FIDM's Merchandising & Marketing program. She’s an adventurer, a movie lover, a social media enthusiast, a health nut, a passionate writer, and a lover of life.

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