FIDM Launches the Spring/2011 Issue of “The MODE,” a Student Publication. Meet the Staff.


(FIDM Graphic Design Students and Alumni. Back row, from left: Avian Ku, Krislam Chin, Jayson Cainguitan, Julina Grace, Serena Norris, Benjamin Suarez, Kufikiri Imara, and Kristal Lindo. Front row, from left: Jessie Sholler, Alex Martino, Giselle Blanco, Eric Acasio and Martin Murillo.)

On January 13, FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising hosted more than 250 guests at a launch party for the The MODE, a student publication written, photographed and designed by FIDM Students. Many of the students in FIDM’s Graphic Design program are members of The MODE staff, collaborating with students of all majors to organize and execute photo shoots, art direct the layout of the magazine, conceptualize and write articles, and develop their overall skills as future graphic designers. caught up with some of The MODE student staff members at the launch party, hosted at a rooftop venue, 1010 Wilshire, in downtown Los Angeles. Meet the staff:



FIDM Graphic Design Student and Editor-in-Chief of The MODE, Neave Bozorgi.

MODE Editor-in-Chief

Major: Graphic Design/Branding

Originally from: Pasadena, CA

Job Title: Editor/The NEAVE Online Publication


# of Quarters completed at FIDM: 6

Tell me about your role as Editor in Chief of The MODE.
Basically to recruit everyone in the magazine. I was in charge of making sure all the edits went through correctly, I did copy editing, and content editing. I also recruited the staff, put together a schedule, and so on.”

How has your education at FIDM so far help you in your role at The MODE?

“As far as graphic design goes, I wrote and designed my own editor’s page, and designed a layout that will be seen in the next issue, and lots of networking.”

How does it feel to finally see your finished product after all your hard work?

“I knew we could have something awesome out, but I didn’t think it could be this great. I’m just really proud and really glad to have met so many talented people.”



FIDM Graphic Design Student and Creative Director for The MODE, Cody Saya.

MODE Creative Director

Major: Graphic Design/Branding

Previous Degree: Medical Program at UC Davis

Job Title: Designer/Temerity Design

Favorite Magazines:
Vanity Fair,
“Their typography treatment is absolutely amazing.”
NYLON “I love fashion as well. Where else can you marry commerce with pure art and get away with it every day?”


What brought you to FIDM?

“FIDM was just the right environment. A lot of really good, talented instructors, and the staff were helpful at getting me plugged in to the right people… You get as much out of it as you put into it. I’m a hard worker, so for me, it was perfect.”

After months of work, how does it feel to finally see the final version of The MODE?

“It really was a labor of love. It was fun. We learned a little bit more about the entire process, about how much work really does go into making a publication. We even experienced a round of cuts, and that was also very much a learning experience. To be here, finally, after getting it done is awesome. It’s really cool to have so many people come out for something that FIDM allowed us the opportunity to do.”

How has your education at FIDM helped you in your role as Creative Director at The MODE?

“Actually a great deal. Design in a large part was pretty much self-taught for me. It’s been nice having a lot of instructors that have been doing this for years and years. It’s been brilliant. I can’t thank them enough for every little bit of advice they’ve given me.”



FIDM Graphic Design Student and layout designer for The MODE, Julina Grace.

Layout Designer (The Stylists article, page 8 and The Illustrator article featuring FIDM Instructor Nancy Riegelman, page 13)

Major: Graphic Design/Branding

Extracurricular Activities: Phi Theta Kappa, FIDM Housing Resident Advisor, Student Worker (Special Projects Department)

High School: Kamehameha Schools, (Honolulu, HI)

Job Title: Intern at Citizens of Humanity (assist in photo shoots, layout and publication design)

# Quarters Completed at FIDM: 6

Why did you join The MODE?

“I got involved in The MODE because I was really interested in publication design. I thought it would be a fun way to get more experience in graphic design. ”

Tell me about the conceptual thinking behind your publication design.

“I go for a simplistic, minimalist approach so an emphasis on typography and, especially the photography because a lot of it was student work.”



FIDM Graphic Design Student and photographer for The MODE, Luis Maldonado.

Photographer (The Stylists article, page 9)

Major: Graphic Design/Branding

Originally from: Los Angeles

Job Title: Intern for photographer David LaChapelle

# Quarters Completed at FIDM: 6

Tell me about your experience as a photographer for the MODE.

“My experience was awesome, it was interesting. I had to overcome my fear of meeting other people. It worked out, I got some great shots.”

How has your education at FIDM helped you so far in your career?

“It’s funny because I thought taking pictures would be an easy thing. It’s not. Once I took Photography at FIDM with Faria Raji (part of the Graphic Design/Branding curriculum), something sparked in me, and I just loved it. I started taking more pictures and now I’m even interning with David LaChapelle.



MODE Layout Designer/Photographer (Vintage Silverlake: Hidden Treasures article, page 26)

Major: Graphic Design/Branding

# Quarters Completed at FIDM: 5

Why did you get involved in the MODE?

“I thought it would be a good idea to apply what I’ve been learning at FIDM in the Branding program, publication design. I thought it would be a great fit for me and a great outlet to use my abilities.”

How do you think your experience at the MODE will help you in your career as a future graphic designer?

“It gives me more real-world experience to have a publication out there to physically show someone what I’ve done as a student. It also gives me a sense of camaraderie, it’s a great team-building experience.”



FIDM Graphic Design Student and layout designer for The MODE, Jayson Cainguitan.

MODE Layout Designer and Photographer (Fashions Rising Star: Alejandro Ortega feature article, page 23)

Major: Graphic Design/Branding

# Quarters Completed at FIDM: 5

Originally from: The Phillipines/Hawaii

Tell me about the concept behind your layout for the feature article about FIDM Fashion Design Student Alejandro Ortega.

“I looked at the interview with Alejandro and it seems like his style of [fashion] designs is very feminine so that’s how I went about choosing the typography.”



FIDM Graphic Design Student and layout designer for The MODE, Benjamin Suarez.

MODE Magazine Layout Designer

Originally from: Los Angeles

Major: Graphic Design/Branding

# Quarters Completed at FIDM: 5

Former intern at The Restitution Press

Tell me about what it was like to define the look and feel of an article.

“It was something that was more difficult [than I thought it would be] and I have a lot more respect for now. You’re working with different levels of people being the page designer, you’re the last in the line­– you have to wait on the writers, then the photographers before you can design the page. Everyone came together and it all worked out.”

How does it feel to be at the launch party, seeing your hard work pay off?

“It’s definitely a relief. I had a lot of late nights trying to make our deadlines. Seeing the whole magazine in its full glory feels pretty awesome.”






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