Industry Collab: FIDM Graphic Design Student Designs Ingrid Nilsen-Inspired “YES TO” Beauty Packaging Sold in 20k+ Stores

FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising’s Graphic Design students had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with the international beauty brand YES TO, Inc., on a packaging design project.  In partnership with beauty vlogger Ingrid Nilsen (missglamorazzi), FIDM and YES TO developed a design for a special, limited-edition rollout of the company’s best-selling beauty wipes. The product hits the shelves in more than 20,000 stores and online this month across the nation. See below for a fantastic video detailing the entire project.

Students worked directly with YES TO Inc.’s CEO, Joy Chen, who became the class’ “client” who provided the company’s consumer profile, demographic and psychographic data, and defined the technical and brand specifications to be incorporated in the package design. Ingrid Nilsen, who is based in LA, joined the class sessions via video conference to weigh in on the beauty wipe package designs. YES TO, Inc. flew the FIDM San Francisco students and their instructor, Jeanne Thomas, to Los Angeles for the final client presentations, which took place at the FIDM LA campus.

Ingrid Nilsen video conference with FIDM Graphic Design Students.

Ingrid Nilsen video conference call with FIDM Graphic Design Students.


Beauty vlogger Ingrid Nilsen aka “Miss Glamorazzi” (third from left) with FIDM Graphic Design Students & Instructors in Los Angeles for final client presentations.

“At FIDM, we strive to bring real world experiences into the classroom” says FIDM San Francisco Graphic Design Coordinator, Lisa Hoffman. “The YES TO collaboration is the perfect example of how FIDM Students work with industry professionals to meet learning objectives. Students put their design skills to the test in a real-world business environment, and their clients benefit from fresh ideas. It’s a win-win.”

FIDM Graphic Design Alumna Jenay Valencia design was chosen as the winner of the YES TO design competition, whose design will hit shelves in over 20,000 stores this month. The FIDM Digital Arts team caught up with Valencia to get some insight into what the experience has been like for her.

YES TO Design Competition winning designer FIDM Graphic Design Student Jenay Valencia.

YES TO, Inc. Design Competition winning designer FIDM Graphic Design Student Jenay Valencia.

(FIDMDigitalArts) What was your creative process like working on this project?
“My creative process for this project was mainly to include as much natural and illustrated elements as possible. I first started out with just the illustrated fruits, and then went on to include the fruit blooms and water color wash. Ingrid mentioned her love of floral patterns, and bright colors, so I included the blooms of the fruits to keep the floral patterns relevant to the scent of each package.”

Where did you draw inspiration from for this design?
“My inspiration came from the typography styles that were featured on Ingrid’s videos, as well as Ingrid’s mentioned interests. In Ingrid’s videos, the title page were decorated with cute frames, stars, and hearts. While the style was bubbly and cute, it had a touch of elegance in it that I wanted my design to reflect.”

What what the biggest challenge you faced when designing this piece?
“I’d have to say the two most challenging parts of this project were getting the fruit illustrations to meet the outcome I envisioned, and then later, tailoring my design to meet the requirements for print production. It was a little heartbreaking at first to have to adapt my illustrations to meet the color limit, mainly because I felt that the colors may not be as vibrant. Even so, I had a realization that this was the way things worked in the industry and I just had to roll with it. Now that I see the finished product, it couldn’t be more perfect.”

Jenay Valencia's winning packaging design.

Jenay Valencia’s winning packaging design for YES TO, Inc. inspired by YouTube beauty vlogger Ingrid Nilsen/MissGlamorazzi

Was there anything about this experience that surprised you?
“Probably just the fact that I won at all. Going into this contest, I knew I faced some pretty tough competition going against my classmates. I knew the strengths everyone had to bring to the table, so I was pleasantly surprised that my design was so positively recognized out of other great designs there were to choose from.”

If you could give one piece of advice for students starting their first quarter in the Graphic Design program, what would it be?
“Follow your gut, and take all the advice you can. As a designer, it’s just as important to follow your instincts as it is to take in the opinion of others. Doing this will help you shape your style, and help you adapt to the projects you will face along the way. Put your heart into what you do, and bright horizons are sure to follow.”

Will you be in San Francisco tomorrow? Join us on Wednesday, October 15th from 11:00 p.m.  – 12:00 p.m. in the FIDM San Francisco Library for a Launch Party celebrating the release of YES TO beauty wipes designed by now-FIDM Alumna, Jenay Valencia. There will be a raffle where 24 lucky participants will win a beautiful package of wipes to take home before they hit the shelves.

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