FIDM Graphic Design Grad and Motocross Enthusiast Troy Havelin Hired at Scott Sports Upon Graduation

Recent FIDM Graphic Design Grad Troy Havelin.

Recent FIDM Graphic Design Grad Troy Havelin.

Recent FIDM Graphic Design Graduate Troy Havelin has transformed his passion for motocross into his career. Upon graduating from FIDM earlier this month, Havelin was offered a full-time graphic design position at Scott Sports in Salt Lake City, Utah where he will be working among a team to develop creative assets for the company, which specializes in bikes, running, wintersports and motosports products and merchandise.

Havelin’s incredibly unique and tailored portfolio showcases his photography and layout skills in addition to branding, logo design, and web design. In addition to his studies at FIDM, Havelin also worked as a lead graphic designer at AXO America, Inc. where he designed advertising, catalogs and the company’s website, logo and more.

“I’m extremely happy with my final portfolio. It was a long road to get it to the point it is at, but all the hard work was worth it,” he says. “It gave me one of the most proudest feelings I’ve had seeing all the work I’ve developed over the past years all in one place.”

In addition to motocross-related graphic design projects and photos, Havelin’s final portfolio represents his branding and illustration skills, from his elaborately illustrated deck of playing cards, to the logo and branding for real-world freelance client Machine Burger food truck. Havelin’s reinterpretation of the Misfits “Famous Monsters” album offers an edgy-yet-sophisticated take on the punk rock band, while his branding for conceptual brand “Lost Apparel”– the logo for which is an ambigram that reads upside down– also showcases his photography skills in addition to branding skills.

“I’m very excited to start working and experience being part of a large-scale corporation like Scott,” he says of his new position. “I’m most excited about being in a collaborative design environment. I will be apart of a five-person design team there and I am more than ready to have a group of talented people to build and design with.”

The FIDM Digital Arts team caught up with Havelin to ask him more about his journey to FIDM. Read our Q&A with Havelin below, and keep in touch with him on Instagram @troyhave. To see more of Havelin’s work, visit

[FIDM Digital Arts] Tell us about your interest in motocross, particularly motocross photography. How did you get into that hobby?

[Havelin] “I used to race motocross for years, and I got a start in photography when I was even younger. As I grew up in the sport, my social circle grew to become based around motocross.When I was 16, I got an injury (broken femur) and was not able to ride, but still wanted to be around my friends. So I took to shooting photos of them. They all loved the shots and urged me to keep at it. I just haven’t stopped since.”

What made you interested in the Graphic Design program at FIDM?

“I was interested in finding a school that would lead me into a job in the action sportswear industry, and that would challenge me as a designer at the same time. FIDM was a perfect match because of their excellent connections with action sports and apparel companies. I knew I could find like-minded and talented people there to associate with.”

Motocross photography by FIDM Graphic Design Grad Troy Havelin

Motocross photography by FIDM Graphic Design Grad Troy Havelin

What did you enjoy most about the program?

“I enjoyed the challenge presented by the teachers and other students. The teachers always where motivating me to push my work that extra bit further. I could feel they really cared and I didn’t want to let them down so I worked harder. All of the other students were very talented as well so I always wanted to bring my best work possible.”

Tell us about your job at AXO and how that helped shape your design skills.

“My job at AXO has given me so much invaluable experience and opportunity. As the sole designer, all projects for the company go through me. There is a lot of responsibility for me to make sure everything is expressed as a cohesive brand and to do so as efficiently as possible. Also being the only designer I needed to be able to create a lot of content myself (illustration, photography) without relying on an outside source. Working at AXO has taught me how to manage many projects at once, take charge of leading a brand direction, and how to be a self-sufficient designer.”

Advertising for AXO America, Inc. where FIDM Graphic Design Student Troy Havelin worked as a lead graphic designer during his studies.

Advertising for AXO America, Inc. where FIDM Graphic Design Student Troy Havelin worked as a lead graphic designer during his studies.

What are your career goals?

“I see myself staying in the action sports world for quite sometime. I hope to develop as a designer for a while and eventually become an art director for an action sports brand where I would lead the marketing and advertising side of things.”

Any advice for aspiring graphic designers or incoming FIDM Students?

“Stay hungry to learn new things. Always be developing yourself as a designer. And remember it feels better to have an amazing project on the wall even if you had to stay up all night, then it does to feel you could of worked a little harder.”

See Havelin’s full portfolio in full-screen by clicking on the thumbnails below:

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