FIDM Alumnus is a Videographer for Cutting Edge Action Sports Industry Product, SOLOSHOT

Imagine yourself working on the sandy beaches of major national action sports events and competitions, filming and editing viral videos as your job.

FIDM Digital Media Alumnus is videographerSince earning his digital media degree at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Christopher Mumford has been doing just that as a videographer/editor for SOLOSHOT, a unique filming device company that caters to the action sports and film industries.

SOLOSHOT allows its user to film themselves without a camera man, tracking movement as fast as 143 mph and 2,000 feet away. It’s a two-part system that includes a tripod-mounted base unit that guides a video camera in the direction of a waterproof armband. When the armband is worn by any moving target, from a pro surfer to a little league soccer player, SOLOSHOT captures footage of the moving object from the sideline or shoreline, sans the camera man, and can rotate up to 360 degrees continuously.

“It’s insane, it’s the first of its kind, and we are beyond excited to finally have it out on the market and see people using it,” says Mumford.

As SOLOSHOT’s videographer, Mumford’s job is to film videos for the company’s Website and YouTube channel, traveling to surf competitions and other action sports related events in California and the Dominican Republic.

“The best part about my job is working with a small group of awesome people and getting to travel around to new places to shoot video and edit. I mean how can it get boring when your editing bay is a different view all the time?” he says. caught up with Mumford to talk about his career as a videographer and advice for aspiring filmmakers. Read our Q&A with Mumford below.

Q&A with Videographer Chris Mumford

( What does your job entail as SOLOSHOT’s editor/videographer?

(Mumford) “I travel to various parts of the U.S. and other countries to film behind-the-scenes and [individual] peoples’ experiences while using SOLOSHOT whether it be an everyday consumer or an athlete at a competition. Once I’ve finished the filming interviews and such, I transcode the footage and then start cutting together all the viral videos we use for promotion and marketing.”

Tell us about some of the places you’ve visited and events you’ve been attending– any favorite moments?

“So far I have traveled up the coast of California from San Diego to Santa Monica. [On the east coast], I have traveled from New York to the outer banks in North Carolina. This month I will be going to Cabarete in the Domican Republic to film Kiteboarding. I’ve also filmed at the Triple S Invitational at REAL Watersports and The Surfing America Competition 2012 at Lowers.”

Do you have any advice for current aspiring filmmakers and FIDM Digital Media students?

“Just keep hunting for jobs and moving forward in your career. Don’t get discouraged… Just keep your head up, look ahead, and always take jobs that sound like fun to you because in the end, you have to love what you do.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

“Please come check out and support us on our We are getting a lot of love, but any and all help is greatly appreciated!”

For more information about SOLOSHOT, visit:

SOLOSHOT on Kickstarter

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