Featured Portfolio: FIDM/San Francisco Graphic Design Award Winner, Stephanie Kim

FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising recognized Stephanie Kim as the FIDM San Francisco Graphic Design Student of the Year at the 2012 graduation ceremony. Selected by the senior creative director for Impact Unlimited, Bill Smith, for her impressive range of work, Kim’s versatility is what set her apart from her peers.

“From a series of gritty magazine covers, to a delicate treatment for promotional beauty packaging, this student left [Mr. Smith] with the most memorable design moments,” stated FIDM San Francisco Graphic Design Department Coordinator, Lisa Hoffman, upon presenting Kim’s award at FIDM San Francisco’s graduation ceremony.

Check out FIDMDigitalArts.com’s Q&A with Stephanie Kim and her portfolio below. Browse more portfolios by those who have earned their graphic design degree from FIDM in our Portfolios section.

Stephanie Kim, student of the year award winner of FIDM graphic design college.

Photographs by Stacy Cahill.

Graphic Design Student Award Winner

(FIDMDigitalArts.com) What brought you to FIDM to study graphic design originally?

(Kim)  I’ve always been fascinated by the art of visual communication and the creativity that’s put into a design. After graduating with a bachelors in fashion merchandising, I knew I wanted to pursue more in design and had a realization that a lot of what I loved and wanted to create related in the graphic design field. With fashion always being one of my interests it seemed like a perfect fit to attend to a school that has a lot of focus and connection in the fashion industry.

How did it feel to be selected as the Graphic Design Student of the Year award winner?

“It felt awesome! Over the course of my time at FIDM, I’ve learned, seen and designed alongside my peers and I find them all amazingly talented, driven, and creative. It’s an honor to be selected, let alone be nominated with them.”

What was the most valuable lesson you learned in FIDM’s graphic design program?

“Learning the fundamentals of design and to always have a reason for why you [designed it] the way you did.”

Do you have any advice for current students or someone who is considering FIDM?

“It’s very fast paced, and you’ll get a lot thrown at you. But if you love it, you’ll do it. All the long nights and stressful days will be well worth the outcome.”

What are your goals going forward career-wise?

“To continue to grow as a designer and inspire others along the way.”
Congratulations, Stephanie!

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