Featured Event: See Artwork by FIDM Instructor Graham Moore at co-LAb gallery’s New Exhibition


FIDM Instructor Graham Moore will be one in fifteen artists featured in the coLAb gallery’s brand new exhibition, “Undertones.” Moore has been an instructor at FIDM for over five years. He originally taught classes in our Graphic Design program, but currently teaches a range of Visual Communications courses. These include Computer Rendering, Computer Graphics, Layout & Design, and Design for Social Media Branding.

Six of Moore’s pieces will be spotlighted in the exhibition, featuring collages with a retro/vintage feel. “I like to take pictures of women and cool cars from the ‘50s and ‘60s, and mix them with interesting backgrounds,” says Moore. He’s used this technique in his professional career for quite some time. According to Moore, “I was in school before the computer [got popular], so I’ve reapplied those techniques with a contemporary twist.”

Who does Moore look to for inspiration? A long list of artists, including Jane Maxwell and Cecil Touchon. Maxwell’s technique of “layering, sanding, and revealing,” and Touchon’s method of “taking typography from billboards and reinterpreting it” are what intrigue Moore the most. A friend of Touchon’s, Moore mentioned that the contemporary collage artist owns a few pieces of his work.

The FIDM Instructor feels that design students should see his exhibition for a variety of reasons, inspiration being one of them. Moore states, “To be a good designer you have to be a cultural sponge and stay inspired. How do you find inspiration? By looking at what’s current and what other people are doing.” It makes total sense. Through inspiration you can generate ideas, putting your take on it and making it your own. Moore did this himself as a student. “Every week we would go to a museum and just go to look at work,” he recounted.

Moore also feels that visiting art exhibitions in general are a great way to observe how the “elements and principles of design” are applied to actual works of art. “Whether it be through typography or visual design, I apply all things that I teach in class to my pieces,” he says. Lastly, he indicated that the networking opportunities are endless. “You might meet someone who works at a fashion company looking for interns. I’ve heard so many stories like that,” says Moore.

If Moore had to give one word of advice to design students, it would probably be to NOT ditch the traditional pencil and paper. According to the FIDM Instructor, “There’s something [I love] about the quality of [making things by hand]. I’ll make mistakes, but sometimes those mistakes are the best things that happen.” He recommends considering this as a daily mantra: “Read, listen, and create.”

Don’t miss out!

Opening Reception of “Undertones”

Saturday, December 5

7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

coLAb gallery

5319 York Blvd.

Highland Park, CA 90042

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Author: Johnaé Elease

Johnae McDonald is a Business Management & Merchandise Product Development graduate from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). She currently serves as the Social Media Assistant at FIDM.

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