Daily Inspiration: Fashion Drawings by Graphic Designer & FIDM Alumna, Lucile Lesueur

Lucile Lesueur is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Paris, and also a Graphic Design Alumna from FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Her latest project involved creating prints, embroidery and hangtags for Levi’s Kids France’s 2012 Spring/Summer collection. Her work at FIDM always reflected her skills in fashion and textile design in addition to her graphics skills. We just love the fashion illustrations that she designs, which sometimes incorporate 3-dimensional textile elements also.

Lesueur took some time to talk to FIDMDigitalarts.com about her experience as a student at FIDM:

Fashion illustration by FIDM Alumna Lucile Lesueur(FIDMDigitalarts.com) What brought you from Paris to FIDM to study graphic design?
(Lesueur) “Well, first of all, I have always wanted to live in Los Angeles. After I graduated from another school in Paris majoring in fashion design, I decided to pursue my studies to improve my graphic design skills and become  fluent in English. It seemed obvious to me that I needed to move to California. FIDM seemed to be the perfect college for me since I wanted to stay in touch with fashion design students. Since I was really far, I had to chose my college through the internet and I have say that i had a real crush for this school. The campus looked great and the courses adapted to what I was looking for.”
Fashion illustration by FIDM Alumna Lucile Lesueur

Fashion illustration by FIDM Alumna Lucile Lesueur

Fashion illustration by FIDM Alumna Lucile Lesueur
Who are some of your favorite illustrators- who inspires you?
“There are so many amazing artists that inspire me that I can’t name them all. I love children’s animation and fashion illustrators like Rebecca Dautremer, Adolie Day, and Laura Laine. Also, artists who work for animation firms like Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks such as Glen Keane, Mary Blair, Ronnie Del Carmen, and Nicolas Marlet. I also look at a lot of lifestyle blogs and magazines and try to keep my eyes open to anything that could inspire me from a texture to a color combination, an object, or a situation. Fashion designers are great inspiration too, I adore Tsumori Chisato, Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga, Isabel Marant, and Cacharel …(just to cite a few). But I think that I mostly find my inspiration by watching people in the street. I love going into cafes and draw people around me. Their poses, attitude, their outfits are a really good source of ideas.”
Fashion illustration by FIDM Alumna Lucile LesueurFashion illustration by FIDM Alumna Lucile Lesueur

What did you enjoy about your experience at FIDM?
“I loved every moment of it since it was very different from everything I knew. I met amazing people that were coming from all around the world and felt easily integrated in this school. I have a lot of very good memories spent in this school but the strongest would probably be the graduation day. We don’t have a ceremony like this in France and I felt privileged that I could experience that. Finally, FIDM has very great resources, I especially loved spending time in the library and the museum.”

What were the most valuable things you learned in FIDM’s Graphic Design program?
“Well, I would say to get deeper in my creative thinking, organize myself, and find what I was better at. The teachers at FIDM were very easy to talk to and pushed me to find my style and my strengths. Also, Americans have a very different way to teach, a little bit more concrete and more adapted to the real world I think. When I graduated from FIDM, I really felt ready to enter the work market. The presentation in front of the classes every week got me used to explaining my work and gave me a little bit more confidence.”

Check out more samples at Lucile Lesueuer’s portfolio site here at http://www.lucilelesueur.com.

Posters incorporating photographs and illustrations by Lucile Lesueur promoting Fiona Apple's Album.

Posters incorporating photographs and illustrations by Lucile Lesueur promoting Fiona Apple's Album.

(Above) A re-imagined ad campaign and CD package promoting Fiona Apple’s “Extraordinary Machine” Album incorporating photographs and illustrations by Lucile Lesueur.

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Visit FIDMDigitalArts.com

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