Creative Process A to Z: Part 2 – More from FIDM Graphic Design Student, Peter Deltondo

In this special three-part series, asked Peter Deltondo, a current student at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, to talk first-hand about his experience as a Graphic Design Student.

Peter, a Professional Designation Student who is earning his Graphic Design degree at FIDM, shares his experience throughout the creative process as he designs a class project for Graphics & Licensing, a course in the Graphic Design/Branding program.

Graphics & Licensing is an intense course in which students develop a style guide using original illustrated characters, patterns and icons. This book of illustrations and guidelines is the students’ intellectual property and used for product licensing purposes.

In Part 1 of this series, Peter introduced his rough sketches of two dinosaur pals, “Lily & Marshall” who would appeal to a target audience of children ages 2 to 5, and teachers of students in this age group.

At this point in the creative process, Peter adapted his hand-drawn illustrations to digital format using Adobe Illustrator, developing a cohesive color palette, a logo, icons, patterns and borders that would be used in brand marketing materials for Lily & Marshall.

Graphic Design Student, Peter Deltondo:

Lily & Marshall vector illustrations

Graphic design student, Peter Deltondo.

“It’s been pretty cool to see how the characters have evolved from the sketches to the digital illustrations. While you can see similarities, they’ve really changed. As my sketches developed over time, they became more rounded and smoothed-out with a more inviting appearance.

We really moved quickly in taking our sketches into Illustrator with the help of our instructor, Diane Packer. There are so many design elements to create in this class, you’ve got to keep moving full speed ahead or you’ll fall behind in no time. While we continue to create more icons, borders, and patterns each week, we are constantly revising our previous designs and fine tuning various elements.

I wanted a soft and cool color palette for my characters. I found that a softer palette helped keep a childish charm to the characters, and I needed to make sure that the characters were fun and inviting to children. I feel using cooler colors helped to achieve this. I ended up changing the color of Lily since I started my project to a shade of purple. As much as I really liked the blue color she used to be, I realized that there was too much similarity when she was put against a blue sky and she got lost in the background. Now she stands out much better.

Illustration of "Lily" by Graphic Design Student, Peter Deltondo

Marshall, a dinosaur developed by Peter Deltondo, applied to a T-ShirtWe lived in Illustrator throughout this class. It’s one thing to create artwork, and another to create work according to industry and workplace standards. This class really gets us ready to work in a studio environment with other designers– and not just when it comes to design. We also to learn to cooperate to develop properly-created designs using organized files.

I think more than anything, this project has helped me to create a consistent design aesthetic. I started off with various styles for some of my icons, borders, and patterns, and had to hit the drawing boards several times to recreate these same designs to fit the overall aesthetic.

Patterns developed in Adobe Illustrator by Graphic Design Student, Peter Deltondo

Quote from Peter Deltondo, a FIDM Graphic Design Student

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