Creative Process A to Z: Follow FIDM Graphic Design Student, Peter Deltondo through a Class Project from Start to Finish

In this special three-part series, asked Peter Deltondo, a current student at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, to talk first-hand about his experience as a Graphic Design Student.

Peter, a Professional Designation Student who is earning his Graphic Design degree at FIDM, shares his creative process as he designs a class project for Graphics & Licensing, a course in the Graphic Design/Branding program.

Graphics & Licensing is an intense course in which students develop a style guide using original illustrated characters, patterns and icons. This book of illustrations and guidelines is the students’ intellectual property and used for product licensing purposes.

Below, check out Peter’s concept sketches for his project about two dinosaur pals, “Lily & Marshall,” and check back to see how his project develops throughout the quarter.

Student Spotlight: Peter Deltondo

FIDM Graphic Design Student, Peter DeltondoMajor: Graphic Design/Branding
Hometown: Irvine, California.

Creative Inspiration for “Lily & Marshall”…
“For my Graphics and Licensing project I collaborated quite a bit with my fiancé Kelli. She works with special needs students and is working on her teaching credential. We worked together to develop several concepts for various children’s books. I decided to continue with the concept of two dinosaur pals, named Lily and Marshall. Yes, they are named after characters on one of our favorite TV shows, How I Met Your Mother!”

Overcoming Challenges in the Creative Process…
“My biggest challenge with this project was discovering my own illustrative style. Before FIDM, I usually went straight to the computer to work on concepts and ideas. Now I’ve learned the importance of pen-to-paper sketching. A fellow FIDM student, Julia Walck, is in a few of my classes and has inspired me to begin my own “365 days of illustration” challenge to help myself develop as an artist and find my own style.

Lily & Marshall vector illustrations by FIDM Graphic Design Student, Peter Deltondo

[Read more about Julia Walck here].

“The inspiration for my illustrations for this project came from the idea of wanting to do something unique. Often when we see dinosaur characters, they look realistic, scary, or overly ‘cute.’ I wanted to create a unique style that would be instantly recognizable in the world of children’s books, like that of Dr. Suess.

I’m really looking forward to see how this project continues to develop. My instructor, Diane Packer, is such a great help not only teaching us tricks in Illustrator, but really helping us to brand our characters and stories into a whole line of products. This may be starting off as a concept for a children’s book, but I plan on mocking up a clothing line, school supplies, and maybe even some iOS games/applications as well. Right now I am working on revising my characters, as well as developing several icons, patterns, and borders.”

Creative process sketches for Lily & Marshall, by FIDM Graphic Design Student, Peter DeltondoCreative process sketches for Lily & Marshall, by FIDM Graphic Design Student, Peter Deltondo

Peter’s professional background prior to coming to FIDM…
“When I was in high school, I ran a web hosting and video game server company. It put me in touch with a lot of great people who needed creative design services, and I found myself freelancing creating graphics and websites for my hosting clients. Out of high school, I was recruited to play golf for the United States Military Academy at West Point. An injury quickly sent me home and I went right back to designing, and working freelance. I started up the design company, Stork Digital, in 2010, and I recently teamed up with my good friend, Jordan Maslyn of Sixth Degree Designs, to create Beard & Teeth, a full-service creative agency, in November of 2011.”

The best part about FIDM…
“Hands down what I enjoy most about the Graphic Design/Branding program are the instructors. Learning more about the technical know-hows of the Adobe Creative Suite is great, but the advice, critique, and thought processes we learn from the instructors are priceless. These are the skills that separate true creative professionals. Knowing that all our instructors are also working professionals is a big deal to students. We really respect them, and love hearing feedback about our work.”

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