Congratulations! Interviews Recent Graphic Design Graduate, Giselle Blanco

Often seen sporting mutli-colored hair and spunky fashion choices, Giselle Blanco’s personal style is not unlike the vibe of her graphic design portfolio, which combines a mixture of bright pops of color and grungy typographic choices on her T-shirt designs, skateboard and surfboard designs, and magazine covers. As a recent graduate of FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Giselle presented her final graphic design portfolio in December, reflecting her attraction to action sports industry graphics- a niche of the industry where she hopes to work. After completing her Associate of Arts degree in Graphic Design/Branding, as well as an internship at skate apparel industry leader Volcom, Giselle shared the following interview with about her experience at FIDM:

( giselle_headshotWhat made you decide to attend FIDM?
(Giselle) I loved the energy of the school and that FIDM was located in the middle of Los Angeles. Everybody was super friendly and very driven!! I completely fed off of it. The percentile for job placement after graduation helped, too. I had looked into a few art schools and actually stumbled across FIDM because of my brother. I tagged along when he was going through the entry interviews and I was drawn in like a moth to a light bulb. I loved the energy and feel of the school and decided it was where I needed to go. So, I applied and, well, the rest is history.

How did it feel to present your final graphic design portfolio?
I felt both excited and a little terrified!! I had worked so hard and so long on my portfolio. I knew it was great and that it completely reflected me, but I guess I was terrified at the fact that this was it, I was finished!

Overall, what skills did the FIDM Graphic Design program teach you that will help you in the industry?
FIDM’s Graphic Design program taught me how to create and design for real world- work that will be used in the industry. I had come into FIDM not knowing exactly how I could use my graphic design skills in the real world and FIDM helped me tie it all in.

How did you find your inspiration for the pieces in your graphic design portfolio?
I found my inspiration for my portfolio from my internship at Volcom where I interned during my last quarter at FIDM. I was inspired by the lifestyle of action sports so I designed my portfolio to feel more like the action sports lifestyle.


Click here to visit Giselle’s Website.

Congratulations, Giselle!







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