Check out the Graphic Design/Illustration Design Firm Behind Target’s Amazing Interactive “WOW” Gift Cards

With holiday shopping season in full-swing, it comes as no surprise that leading retailer Target (known for its amazing brand marketing) is delivering top notch graphics with its gift cards, some of which even double as interactive toys, games and puzzles.

Imprint’s Gail Anderson took note of Target’s highly creative and innovative gift cards a few months ago, and even interviewed Target’s in-house creative team manager Ted Halbur in The Gift (Cards) That Keep on Giving.

Halbur explained the company’s philosophy for its WOW gift cards stating:

“The early 2000s were fun and exciting, because not much had been done with Target gift cards yet,” he says. “Basically, at an industry level, there wasn’t a lot of innovation. It was pretty much just cool graphics and fun printing techniques. We wanted to change that. We wanted to make gift cards more personal.”

In November, Target published an infographic on its Blog, A Bullseye View with fun facts about the popularity of its gift cards (shown below), including the fact that Target has created more than 2,000 cards with more than 110 patents on specific designs. In addition to its traditional gift cards which launched in 1999, Target also offers mobile gift cards, gift coins, and (our favorite) WOW gift cards, which are “driven by new technologies including lights, sounds and motion.”

Infographic: Target giftcard sales 2011. Image courtesy of Target's Blog A Bullseye View

Infographic: Target giftcard sales 2011. Image courtesy of Target’s Blog A Bullseye View.

With so many unique illustrations and graphic designs, we thought it would be fun to track down one of the graphic designers behind the gift cards that keep us so entertained and inspired.

Graphic design/illustrator duo Don and Ryan Clark of Invisible Creature have tackled several design projects for Target, including environmental graphics and several gift cards, including its most popular WOW gift card of 2011, a Lego 3-in-1 (which sold 350,000 copies). It comes as no surprise that the duo, who are brothers, also create toys, packaging and other amazing creative projects for a living.

Lego 3-in-1 Target WOW giftcard designed by Invisible Creature

Lego 3-in-1 Target WOW giftcard designed by Invisible Creature

“Lego 3-in-1″ Target WOW giftcard designed by Invisible Creature

This year, the design firm introduced the Draw & Go Target gift card, shown below. The package includes an illustrated map, which is blank on the back side so you can create your own. The best part is an interactive toy car with Target’s mascot Bullseye that actually follows along the pre-printed track on one side, and a track that you create yourself with a magic marker on the back.

Watch the video below:

Target’s “Draw & Go” WOW Gift Card by Invisible Creature

In addition to packaging, Invisible Creature (based near Seattle) has an incredible portfolio of highly illustrative music packaging, posters, toys, apparel, editorial, environmental, logos/brand identity and animation. A huge list of clients includes Nike, Hasbro, T-Mobile, The New York Times, Google, Lego, Capitol Records, Dreamworks, Warner Bros. Records, Wired, Esquire, and many more.

For more graphic design inspiration from Invisible Creature, visit

Draw & Go Target WOW gift card designed by graphic design/illustrator firm Invisible Creature

Draw & Go Target WOW gift card designed by graphic design/illustrator firm Invisible Creature

“Draw & Go” Target WOW gift card designed by graphic design/illustration firm Invisible Creature

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